Paying the Bills

M.i.N.G exists for one very simple reason.  The American male is an endangered species.  Manliness is what built the engines that drive the world and manliness is the only thing that can keep them running.  We feel that when society wants us to shave our beards, give up our guns, learn to knit, wear whatever the hell that nonsense coming out of Paris called “men’s fashion” is, and talk about our feelings with each other, it’s time for society to shut the hell up.

There is no crime in masculinity.  There is no crime in unabashed maleness.  There is a crime in denying nature and our role in it.  We are OK with dirty hands and dirty mouths.  We are not ashamed to appreciate the beauty in a scantily clad woman.

We’re here not to fight back because there is nothing real or substantial to fight against.  We’re here simply to be men and share what that means.  It means a return to responsibility, ingenuity, labor, intellectual pursuits, self-sufficiency, and self-sacrifice.

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