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Born and raised in Oswego, NY. Retired Army, SUNY Oswego Alumni, Class of 2017.
There is a long history to cover songs and the many reasons why bands and artists record and release them whether it is on a tribute record, charity, an album B-Side recording, or something performed live. Sadly, sometimes it...
There are many misconceptions about soldiers and the veteran population these days. The uninitiated see any veteran as a Medal of Honor holder, "Wounded Warrior", or a hero. My name is Robb Lee, I am a new writer here...
Music is the great equalizer of our world. By this, I mean that you pick any band from any genre, and you will find fans from all different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. Music is constantly in a tug...
That is a line you have probably heard a bunch of times and will hear many more times now that Memorial Day is once again upon us. A day that many people associate with a long weekend, cook-outs, and...

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