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Born and raised in Oswego, NY. Retired Army, SUNY Oswego Alumni, Class of 2017.

How Do We Mourn?

With the 2019 Oscars complete we have finished what some call awards season. With this wonderfully predetermined time of year comes everyone's 'In Memorium' videos (which apparently excludes hard rock singers and musicians). I have had to mourn the...
There is a long history to cover songs. And the many reasons why bands and artists record and release them. They are done for tribute records, charity, an album B-Side recording, and performed live. Sadly, sometimes it is just...
There are many misconceptions about soldiers and the veteran population these days. The uninitiated see any veteran as a Medal of Honor holder, "Wounded Warrior", or a hero. My name is Robb Lee, I am a new writer here...
Music is the great equalizer of our world. By this, I mean that you pick any band from any genre, and you will find fans from all different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. Music is constantly in a tug...
That is a line you have probably heard a bunch of times and will hear many more times now that Memorial Day is once again upon us. A day that many people associate with a long weekend, cook-outs, and...

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