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Public Safety experience for over 12 years. Also boasting 15 years experience in the automotive field, mostly auto parts with some occasional freelance wrench turning. I'm a father to two rambunctious sons who definitely keep me on my toes. Husband to an amazing woman who puts up with all 3 of us under one roof. I like to do numerous things. Mostly anything that allows me to enjoy the great outdoors with my family.
As men, we hold the responsibility to take care of our vehicles. Tire care is a big part of that. It's all too often that we find ourselves being lazy with preventative maintenance or we hire someone to do...
Heads up from MING's newly created automotive department. There isn't much I would consider more manly than being able to turn wrenches on your own vehicle. Even better, keeping those hard-earned greenbacks in your wallet to do more important...

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