Paying the Bills

If you or someone you know would like to be considered as a MING Magazine Goddess of the Month, this is the right page.  The Goddess of the Month feature is one of our most popular, for obvious reasons.  We always link back to the source in an effort to share traffic.  We can link to your management portfolio, your personal website, your social media accounts, your photographer’s website, or all of them.

Our goal is to find models who are not yet famous but who want to be more than just a Twitter girl or Instagram hottie.  Let us help you find your audience.

What we need is a few sample images and a short bio with any pertinent links.  The bio need not be more than 150 to 300 words but can be more.  We can even help with that part.  As far as the images are concerned, we prefer professional photos to selfies.  Selfies open doors, but professional photos knock down walls.  If you require assistance with post processing or watermarking, we can also assist with that.

If your images pass muster we’ll ask for a few more.  We like to publish a gallery of the twenty best.  Once selected, you’ll be placed on the Goddess of the Month rotation.  We’ll let you know when your gallery is scheduled to publish.

We do not claim any ownership of your images and will include photographer credits where applicable.  This practice makes the arrangement a win for you, your photographer, and us.  We only ask for permission to keep the gallery up for a period of at least one year from the publication date.  Longer is better.

If this sounds interesting, send us a message with your preferred contact information to or fill out the form below.

Send us a message!


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