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Blockchain has the potential to be one of the most promising and disruptive technologies to come about in many years. Industries around the world are now exploring ways that it might influence and improve business operations. Anyone with interest in cryptocurrency should understand blockchain technology, of course. so they can truly understand why so many investors and users are getting excited about it.

What is Blockchain?

blockchain visualization of multiple computers linked togetherBlockchain is a digital ledger that records cryptocurrency transactions in real time; creating an unchangeable, chronological record of transactions in “blocks”. The ledger exists on multiple computers at once, typically distributed around the world. In public blockchains, everyone can see every transaction, both current and historical. Transactions are carried out directly between parties. There is no central organization facilitating it.

Blockchain technology isn’t just for cryptocurrency either. It can manage data, track supplies in a supply chain, and trace the ownership of items or property. The public and secure nature of the permanent record of information has many applications, including facilitating cryptocurrency transactions.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are programmed algorithms establishing ground rules. These ground rules execute a set of procedures to complete a transaction when fulfilled. The process is automatic and does not need authorization from a third party like a bank, broker, government agency, or other organization.

A smart contract keeps transactions between the buyer and seller only. Smart contracts automatically know the rules of the transaction, based on their code.  They are self-executing and self-enforcing, making them swift, efficient, transparent, and permanent.

Learning About the Benefits of Smart Contracts

There are several benefits of smart contracts within the blockchain technology. Certainly, safety and security are the most desirable benefits because the code is unchangeable and tamper resistant. The smart contract is self-enforcing. Certain objectives must be met for an action to trigger.

Another benefit of smart contracts within blockchain technology is that transactions are fast and affordable, as well. There isn’t a third party levying fees or taking excess time. This allows the exchange between buyer and seller to take place in real time, with very little delay. Fees are either minimal or nonexistent, making it especially attractive for users.

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and the Future

It’s easy to see how blockchain and smart contracts might transform the way many industries do business. In addition, when it comes to cryptocurrency, participants can especially count on the security, efficiency, and speed that the technology brings.

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