Man of the Month – August – Crazy Ranulph Fiennes

They say age is just a number. Apparently, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, along with his propensity for general badassery, set out to prove that was...
Butterfly, bee

Man of the Month – June – Muhammad Ali

Alright fellas, gather around. Tom Brady, Anderson Silva, MJ (or Lebron?), even Billy. There are many famous GOATs out there; there is undeniably only...

Fun Fact Friday: Memorial Day – Remember Those Who Died

Many, if not most, people confuse Memorial Day and Veteran's day.  Some even confuse Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and Labor Day.  I can't count...
The rough riders

Man of the Month – April – Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt is the Man We Need 100 Years Too Late No matter whose side you were on, this political season was a whirlwind. So,...

Man of the Month: Hal Moore and the Men of the 7th Cav

As young boys, we need role models to help evolve us into ass-kicking, potently reproductive alpha males.  But, who is there to show men...

Name One Reason Why I Came Here (NORWICH for short)

Exit 5: Norwich University, hidden in a valley five miles off I-89 in Vermont lies the Norwich University campus. Nestled in the quiet Green Mountains,...

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