Man of the Month – June – The Greatest of the GOAT’s Muhammad Ali

Alright fellas, gather around. Tom Brady, Anderson Silva, MJ (or Lebron?), even Billy. There are many famous GOATs out there; there is undeniably only...
Memorial Day Dawn

Fun Fact Friday: Memorial Day – Remember Those Who Died

Many, if not most, people confuse Memorial Day and Veteran's day.  Some even confuse Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and Labor Day.  I can't count...
Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Man of the Month – April – Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt is the Man We Need 100 Years Too Late No matter whose side you were on, this political season was a whirlwind. So,...
Battle of Britain Memorial

Fun Fact Friday – 17 March 2017

Eat Your Carrots, Or You'll Surely Go Blind! We have all heard the saying.  It's likely that until today, you have believed it! However, there is...

Erin Go Bragh: A Modern Day Saint Patrick- Cal Weary

With Saint Patrick's Day approaching I decided to find a modern day St. Patty who emanates his ideals, and is a real man's man....
International Women's Day

Fun Fact Friday – 10 March 2017

 International Women's Day On March 8, the world celebrated International Women's Day.  It is a known day of observance in Americana, but few know how...

Man of the Month: Hal Moore and the Men of the 7th Cav

As young boys, we need role models to help evolve us into ass-kicking, potently reproductive alpha males.  But, who is there to show men...
Fun Fact Friday - Jackie Robinson, Man of Integrity

Fun Fact Friday: 3 March 2017

With the closing of black history month and the rise of baseball season, it's worth paying testament to the man that led the integration...
Norwich University Seniors, UP

Name One Reason Why I Came Here (NORWICH for short)

Exit 5: Norwich University, hidden in a valley five miles off I-89 in Vermont lies the Norwich University campus.  Nestled in the quiet Green Mountains,...
An image of an older USSR flag with an American flag showing through.

Fun Fact Friday – 24 February 2017

Welcome to Fun Fact Friday!  Once a week, I will be introducing a 'Fun Fact' regarding an overlooked or forgotten section of history. Without...
President Andrew Jackson bust within a museum. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

Presidents’ Day Fun Fact – 20 February 2017 – Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson - The Presidential Bad Ass It is common knowledge that the leader of the free world encounters criticism from political enemies.  A President...
MING logo on a wood grain texture

The History of Manhood and Masculinity

Hello, viewers! My name's Shaina and I graduated with a B.A. in Professional Writing, Creative Writing, and World History from York College of Pennsylvania,...

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