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New Mobile App Helps You Avoid Feminists and SJWs

If you're like most sane, rational people, you probably find the SJW/ PC crowd tedious.  It seems like militant feminists and social justice warriors...
Sharknado - Ian Ziering prepares to carve a shark with a chainsaw, which is totally believable

MING Reviews Shitty Movies – Sharknado 1 Through 4

We love shitty movies.  Well, I love shitty movies. As far as recent movies go, they don't get much shittier than the Sharknado franchise....
Maple tree tapped, with a bucket under the tap.

The Vermont State Police Are Back

  Super Troopers 2 just wrapped filming.  On tap to make a splash later this year, or early next year.  There are many cult fans waiting...

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