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MING Reviews Shitty Movies

Not all movies are winners. Some movies win by failing so hard that they come back around to good. We just want to take a humorous look at some of the horrible, wonderful, awful, delightful bits of cinematic awfulness with which you’re either familiar or should be.

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MING And A Scene: Demolition Man Sex Scene

Enjoy a blast from our past about our possible future with even older past references. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k80UQWWUIYs Now that you have sufficiently enjoyed the video, let's break...
Sharknado - Ian Ziering prepares to carve a shark with a chainsaw, which is totally believable

MING Reviews Shitty Movies – Sharknado 1 Through 4

We love shitty movies.  Well, I love shitty movies. As far as recent movies go, they don't get much shittier than the Sharknado franchise....

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