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Happy Independence Day from MING

This Independence Day, try to remember that all of our founding fathers were criminals.  American Independence is an attitude that says, "Yeah, I know...
Happy Memorial Day from MINGvideo

Happy Memorial Day from MING

Memorial Day is a big deal to veterans, not because it's our day but because it's the day where we remember those who never...
Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Fun Fact Friday – Thor’s Well, Oregon

  Thor's Well at high tide or during a winter storm can be an awesome sight.  There is no shortage of amazing footage of the plumes...

Happy Mother’s Day from MING

Happy Mother's Day, 2017.  MING would like to take the opportunity to celebrate mothers.  All of them.  Biological, step, adoptive, god, secondary, birth, guardian,...
JPG of an Easter GIF from MING Magazine.video

Happy Easter from MING

Happy Easter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vgVCqMrDHg From M.I.N.G.  
This image shows traffic along a highway system from above.

Build Your Wall, Keep Your PBS: A Simple Plan to Save $300 Billion

  Traffic costs motorists billions of dollars per year in waste.  I hate waste.  Someone, somewhere, has to pay for it.  What if we eliminated...
Ming Mag logo overlaid over an abstract universe with the word 'Science' visible to showcase STEAMy subjects for the week.

STEAMy Week: 21/3/2017 – 27/3/2017

Six days of work. Six STEAMy articles to work your mind. Check in each week for news from the previous week. Back on track with...
Battle of Britain Memorial

Fun Fact Friday – 17 March 2017

Eat Your Carrots, Or You'll Surely Go Blind! We have all heard the saying.  It's likely that until today, you have believed it! However, there is...

Christian Heimall: Sports, AKA Watching Grown Men Play Kiddie Games While We Scream At...

Anything and everything to do with sports.  If it's a competition with a prize to win, we'll talk about it.  Topics will range from...
Hands of a carpenter planing a plank of wood with a hand plane.

Stormy Williams: Carpentry for Everyday Men

Carpenter Stormy is here to save you The pussification of society has taken its toll on men; some would say that it is spiraling out of...

Michael Heimall: What the Hell is a Redleg?

Oh hey there! Welcome to MING.  I work by the handle "Redleg" because I moonlight as an active duty Army artilleryman.  I hail from...
Country Road

Matt Creel: Meet Your President and CEO

Welcome to M.I.N.G! First of all, my name is Matt Creel, the President and Co-founder of this fine magazine. I am a US Army...
Black and white photograph macro of two suffragette holding a flag and pennant. The pennant says deeds not words.

Triple Deuce Day

Triple Deuce Day (February 22nd) is a mandatory fun day for a select few.  These men are a part of the 2/22nd infantry regiment...
Striped bass on the Chesapeake

Aaron Nye: IT, Humor, and Some All Around Good Information

Hey folks, Aaron here. I'm Aaron and I'm glad to be a part of this project because I see the writing on the wall.  Too...
Josh, editor, lying down, job, one, to-do

Josh Crain: Editor-in-Chief

The fact of any business is that you need those who are more behind the scenes than not.  You, as the readers, may not...
Colin, reading, STEAM

Colin Sawyer: STEAM and Philosophy – Still Manly

Alright folks, gather ‘round Here at M.I.N.G., we are bringing you the knowledge and first-hand experience to help you be better at, well, being you....
Drew, bar, beer, laugh, taps, pint, lager, microbrew

Drew Pfafflin: The Man Behind The Bar

Some time ago, some like-fucking-minded individuals and I were enjoying the type of humor that only a man can truly appreciate.  From this came a noble...

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