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Nutrition 101 – Calories Matter

Calories aren’t some evil soul-sucking entity, just a unit of measurement. Scientifically, it’s the measurement of how much energy is needed to raise the...

Yoga: Man Up and Do It

Men, have you ever considered doing yoga? If you have it was probably spurred by an injury, lingering soreness, or limited mobility in general....

Nutrition 101 – Strength Training and Sleep

Strength training by way of lifting weights is obviously important to obtaining and maintaining a good physical condition. Sleep is equally important, though.  If...
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Stress: Balancing the Good and the Bad

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes. It is simply an everyday occurrence that we are amazingly equipped to react to. Sometimes in ways...
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Pancake Ass: Stop Neglecting Your Glutes

More than four-fifths of American men suffer from a debilitating glutes disease that doctors aren’t talking about. It’s an insidious disease that causes low...
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Overuse Injuries – Weekend Warrior Syndrome: Part 2

We’re wrapping up a two-part series covering some common injuries. A couple of weeks ago I covered sprains in Part 1. Part 2 focuses on...
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Secure A Better Sleep: Seven Simple Ways to Boost Physical & Mental Health

When it seems like there are never enough hours in the day, sleep can become the first thing to be cut back in our...

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