Happy 242nd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

The birth of the Marine Corps occurred on this day in 1775 in a humble tavern called Tun in Philadelphia. To all who have...

Happy Independence Day from MING

This Independence Day, try to remember that all of our founding fathers were criminals.  American Independence is an attitude that says, "Yeah, I know...

Happy Father’s Day From MING

A day when dads should get some peace and quiet. Maybe a breakfast full of eggshells if your kids are small. As a bunch of...

Happy Memorial Day from MING

Memorial Day is a big deal to veterans, not because it's our day but because it's the day where we remember those who never...

Happy Mothers Day from MING

Happy Mother's Day, 2017.  MING would like to take the opportunity to celebrate mothers.  All of them.  Biological, step, adoptive, god, secondary, birth, guardian,...

Happy Easter from MING

Happy Easter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vgVCqMrDHg From M.I.N.G.  

Today is International Women’s Day, So Where is My Sammich?

Today, the world is celebrating International Women's Day.  Again, I'll ask; where is my sammich and why is there not a woman making it? The...

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