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Duck blind in the water used for Hunting

The Off-Season: Combating Hunting Withdrawal

Hunting season is still two months away. Come September a lot of seasons are opening up. Here in West Texas, it's September Teal season....
Foreign soldiers with metal helmets in beige uniforms with a rifle slung upon their backs

“This is my Boomstick” – Rifle Edition

Since the discovery of fire, creation has always sought out bigger and better ways to harness its power and apply it towards different intentions....
Aerial view of a lake.

Finding Fish Fast on Unfamiliar Water

We are in the middle of summer vacation season, and many of us are traveling. I’m currently writing this during leg 1 of my...
delaware-canal in Pennsylvania

The United States of the Great Outdoors: Pennsylvania (Pt. 2)

After writing the first part of The United States of the Great Outdoors: Pennsylvania, I was approached on social media by a PA local....
Mounted Largemouth Bass

Using Soft Plastic Baits for More Summer Fish

Soft plastic bait is a lot like fishing line. There are hundreds to choose from and each kind has a different purpose in the...
Pennsylvania hiking, hunting and fishing

The United States of the Great Outdoors: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, home of the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, and steel. It's the same state where our Founding Fathers signed the middle finger directed at the...
Shore fishing

Shore Fishing for Boatless Anglers

If you are anything like me, you don't own a boat. This is a normal aggravation for many of us shore anglers. It's such...
American flag painted on a lake dock

The United States of the Great Outdoors: New York

The first thought of New York is, of course, New York City. Fortunately for all the city-goers, there are some great outdoor activities the...
people sitting around a bonfire

Weekend Fishing Trip – Friends, Beer and Fishing

Have a weekend fishing trip coming up? Don't do it alone. If you would rather go into the woods all by yourself for a fishing...
A dog and tent in the woods on a camping trip

Camping Trip to Complete that Weekend Fishing Trip

Why not turn your fishing trip into a camping trip as well? After all, fishing is an outdoor activity, and so is camping. If...
Scenic lake with mountain backdrop for weekend fishing

Weekend Fishing Trip Essentials: Write This Down

Weekend fishing trip coming up? Have everything you need to make it a success? Do you even know where to start? Time to pull...
fishing rod & reel

Fishing Line, Choosing the Right one: Braid

There are about 500 different types and brands of fishing line on the wall in Bass Pro Shops. Braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon; all from companies...
Sunset on the Lake

Go Small for Big Spring Bass

It’s spring and the water is warming up. It’s almost that time of year for some of the best chances to catch that lake...
Shotguns lined up.

Dispelling the Misconception of Hunting: Environment, Extinction and Cruelty

First of all, a misconception, by definition, is a false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude1. Equally important, misconceptions exist across a wide variety...
A picture of ducks

Fun Fact Friday – The Art of Deception

When planning an ambush, a decoy is often used.  The United States Military utilizes decoys and has for many years.  Modern day hunters depend...
Mountain view with trees in forefront.

The Three P’s: Essential Fundamentals for a Successful Harvest

Why Hunting and Fishing? There are very few things in life I find more rewarding than being able to provide for my family.  Hobbies like...

Knot Tying 101: A Dying Manly Art That Could Save Your Life

Basic knots and knot-tying is an ancient art which we've largely neglected in the modern era.  The whole concept of cordage, how to procure...
Wood burning

Log Cabin Technique: Thog Maketh Fire

  Let's be real folks, Thog probably doesn't know shit about the Log Cabin Technique.  Thog also spent a lot of nights freezing his ass...
An image of a campfire with MING Mag logo and outdoors in text.

You’ve Been Camping Wrong, And Your Ancestors Are Ashamed

Alright, men, sit down. We need to talk. Historically, biologically, anthropologically, whatever evidence of the previous indication is used, there is one constant to be observed...

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