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“Different fields, different grasshoppers; different seas, different fish.” – Indonesian Proverb

Mounted Largemouth Bass

Using Soft Plastic Baits for More Summer Fish

Soft plastic bait is a lot like fishing line. There are hundreds to choose from and each kind has a different purpose in the...
Shore fishing

Shore Fishing for Boatless Anglers

If you are anything like me, you don't own a boat. This is a normal aggravation for many of us shore anglers. It's such...
people sitting around a bonfire

Weekend Fishing Trip – Friends, Beer and Fishing

Have a weekend fishing trip coming up? Don't do it alone. If you would rather go into the woods all by yourself for a fishing...
A dog and tent in the woods on a camping trip

Camping Trip to Complete that Weekend Fishing Trip

Why not turn your fishing trip into a camping trip as well? After all, fishing is an outdoor activity, and so is camping. If...
Scenic lake with mountain backdrop for weekend fishing

Weekend Fishing Trip Essentials: Write This Down

Weekend fishing trip coming up? Have everything you need to make it a success? Do you even know where to start? Time to pull...
fishing rod & reel

Fishing Line, Choosing the Right one: Braid

There are about 500 different types and brands of fishing line on the wall in Bass Pro Shops. Braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon; all from companies...

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