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Since we became men, we have had to get our food. Just because it’s the 21st century doesn’t change anything.

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Budget Hunting: How to Afford the Hunt

Hunting is an expensive hobby to have. If you can even call it a hobby. Hunting for me is quickly turning into a lifestyle....

Confessions of a Turkey Hunter: The Real Reason You Aren’t Killing

The leaves are changing, the crisp snap of the cold autumn air sounds the siren many of us have waited months for hunting season. Whether...
two ducks mating

Early Teal Season: Lessons Learned

Texas has three weeks in September for teal season. I managed to make it out twice for my first teal season, twice for my...

The Off-Season: Combating Hunting Withdrawal

Hunting season is still two months away. Come September a lot of seasons are opening up. Here in West Texas, it's September Teal season....

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