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The why that helps make sense of the how. Part of manliness is understanding why you do it.

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The Absurdity of Fat Acceptance

Here come the Social Justice Warriors with their fat acceptance. I can hear them marching in droves with their signs, their safe spaces, and...
Father's dayvideo

MING Wishes You a Happy Father’s Day

It's Father's Day.  A day when dads should get some peace and quiet.  Maybe a breakfast full of eggshells if your kids are small. As...

5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Train In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So, you're a dad that worries about his daughter, right? I get it. It's natural to worry about your little girl. It's rough out...
A girls' softball team poses at home plate with thier volunteer coaches for a pic.

Coaching the Kids: Take a Knee and Listen To A Volunteer

I have the pleasure to volunteer myself as an assistant coach on my daughter's softball team.  It is a pleasure because of the head coach,...
two brothers getting muddy in a river

Boys Will Be Boys…So Let Them Be Boys

Ah, young boys, or as some people call them, human tornadoes. They are rambunctious, destructive, and more than a little fun. Boys seem like...
Participation Trophy

The Participation Trophy and Why It Should Die

I want you to do me a favor if you can. First, go to your attic and find those dusty boxes that have your...
Picture of the lower half of people while one holds a sign that says, "Stand up to bullying."

Bullying Is Not Manly: This Is My Story

I hate bullies. That is what everyone says. It seems like an obvious statement, right? Who the hell would say differently? I am willing...
Ian and Patrick stand together.

Men and Mental Aging: There Is Something You Can Do About It

Last night, while doing some work on the computer, my ADHD brain caught an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. It was a normal crime-solving...
aubrey, baby, daughter

Men With A Daughter: Having A Girl Is Just As Great

As much as I want to continue talking about kicking ass and discussing fight history, I am compelled to touch on a subject that...
This image shows a father holding a newborn baby to his clothed chest.

Fatherhood’s Five Paragraphs Of An Op-Order

Fatherhood is a lot like the Army in that you're dirty, shifts can last 24 hours, you're grumpy before 0700, and who exactly just...
Wonder Woman looking unamused.

Self-Defense and The Modern Woman: Be An Ass Kicker

Hello, Ladies! As I am sitting here writing this morning, I realized that I need to show you all some love. As we stated, we also...
Watching kids is hard.

Kids Aren’t Their Parents, They’re Their Own People

Fatherhood would be so much easier if it came with an instruction manual, wouldn't it? While I like to think I'm doing a decent job...
rocky, drago, punching, boxing

You Can’t Fight and M.I.N.G Wants To Help: Part I

Hey kids, El Presidente here.  Today I want to talk about the lost art of fighting.  Fighting has been apart of the human lexicon...
case of Westvleteren XII

Westvleteren Brewery: Labor of the Hands

What does it take to be the greatest beer in the world?  Does it even mean anything?  These are two questions that Westvleteren Brewery has...
suffragettes international women's day

Today is International Women’s Day, So Where is My Sammich?

Today, the world is celebrating International Women's Day.  Again, I'll ask; where is my sammich and why is there not a woman making it? The...
Norwich University Seniors, UP

Name One Reason Why I Came Here (NORWICH for short)

Exit 5: Norwich University, hidden in a valley five miles off I-89 in Vermont lies the Norwich University campus.  Nestled in the quiet Green Mountains,...
A face in the rocks: Pareidolia

You are a Collection of Cognitive Biases, Tubes, and not Much Else

Human beings are basically a collection of tubes with a large, mushy computer attached to the top.  We have developed extremely complex methods of...

Backfire Effect: You’re Probably Angry Because You’re Wrong

We're chock full of cognitive biases.  We covered how we're prone to believe things that aren't real just because they appear real.  Knowing that fact...

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