family time

Camping With A Family: Family Activities

Over the weekend the family and I went camping in Gettysburg, PA. I found that camping with small children can be challenging so I...
kickass ninja women

5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Train In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So, you're a dad that worries about his daughter, right? I get it. It's natural to worry about your little girl. It's rough out...
Let boys be boys no matter what

Boys Will Be Boys…So Let Them Be Boys

Boys will be boys. Ah, young boys, or as some people call them, human tornadoes. They are rambunctious, destructive, and more than a little...
man with baby

Men With A Daughter: Having A Girl Is Just As Great

As much as I want to continue talking about kicking ass and discussing fight history, I am compelled to touch on a subject that...
father and son

Fatherhood’s Five Paragraphs Of An Op-Order

Fatherhood is a lot like the Army in that you're dirty, shifts can last 24 hours, you're grumpy before 0700, and who exactly just...

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