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I mean, sports. What do you think that means? All of them. From Football, Basketball, and Baseball down to the most Ocho worthy crap like speed curling. Just all the sports.

Maybe Kaepernick Just Wants to Be a Good Human Being

I want to start this off with an apology. In my very first article on this site, I called former San Francisco 49ers quarterback,...

How Fighting Made Me A Better Man

Let me set the scene. It's 2011 and every place I walked into, I immediately found the biggest dude in there and sized him...
First fight experience

The Way of the Fight: My First Fight Experience

After training for over four years, I finally did it. I stepped inside an actual ring and traded blows at full speed with an opponent. You're...
kickass ninja women

5 Reasons Your Daughter Should Train In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So, you're a dad that worries about his daughter, right? I get it. It's natural to worry about your little girl. It's rough out...
UFC logo

Why UFC Will Never Be As Big As The Other Major Pro Sports Leagues

The UFC is by far the most exciting evolution to watch in MMA. Since 1993, it has provided viewers with some of the best...
Colin Kaepernick

Evolution of A Fraud: The Colin Kaepernick Story

The 2016 National Football League season was one that had so many tremendous story lines.  From Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott giving hope to...

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