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The main focus of manliness is women. If you think it's not you're delusional.

Goddess of the Month – August – Daisy Cole

For July we asked our viewership what they wanted to see.  One man spoke up.  He wanted curves.  We wanted to double down on...
Madison Buck posing in water.

Goddess of the Month – July – Madison Buck

  World, meet our July Goddess of the Month, Madison Buck. Madison Buck has a brilliant smile and a flawless look that reeled us in.  A keyboardist...
Remi Goldrick face shot

Goddess of the Month – June – Remi Goldrick

Just take a look at Remi Goldrick.  It's hard to describe how stunning this woman is. Our Goddess of the Month for June is a...
Annika Bauer on the rocks

Goddess of the Month – May – Annika Bauer

For May, we went to our most beautiful state in the Union, Hawai'i.  And, the great state of Hawai'i presents to us, Annika Bauer,...
Picture of a topless woman lying down on a pool side lounger, showing her backside.

Stop Apologizing for Your Attraction to Beautiful Women, It’s Natural

We're not really sure when it happened, but it has become a tacit crime to feel any kind of human attraction based purely on...
Inara Naranjo

Goddess of the Month – April – Inara Naranjo

Inara Naranjo, our Goddess of the Month for April, calls herself a 'confused woman.' Inara is a stunning Brazillian redhead with deep blue eyes....
International Women's Day

Fun Fact Friday – 10 March 2017

 International Women's Day On March 8, the world celebrated International Women's Day.  It is a known day of observance in Americana, but few know how...
suffragettes international women's day

Today is International Women’s Day, So Where is My Sammich?

Today, the world is celebrating International Women's Day.  Again, I'll ask; where is my sammich and why is there not a woman making it? The...

Muff Madness Tournament 2017

MING's Muff Madness, 2017 begins on the 1st of March and ends on the 31st with a champion celebrity crowned the hottest celebrity on...
Shiralee Coleman

Goddess of the Month – March – Shiralee Coleman

  Shiralee Coleman, our Goddess of the Month for March, is a triple threat.  Firstly, she is a stunning brunette with not only exotic features but...

No-Strings-Attached Oral: The Magical Power

Unless your wife/ girlfriend/ significant other is one of those weirdos that hates receiving a tongue lashing (yes, they exist), the power of no-strings...
Fabienne Hagedorn lounging in black on the rocks

Goddess of the Month – February – Fabienne Hagedorn

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you Fabienne Hagedorn, a Dutch beauty who works across the globe and February's Goddess of the Month.  She is 5'10"...

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