Anything and everything to do with sports.  If it’s a competition with a prize to win, we’ll talk about it.  Topics will range from the NFL, to NASCAR, to College Sports, and those wonderful little events we only see every four years (hello, Olympic Curling!).  As has always been the case with sports, the issue of “manliness” comes to play (pun intended); and if we can use the context of athletic competition to help explain it, we will.

The Focus

First and foremost, we will focus on sports here.  That means recapping the biggest stories from the weekend or preparing you for the most important game coming up.  It also means getting you to understand the “manly” aspect of those sports and the athletes that compete in them.  Why should you read what I have to say?  Well, this is my life.  I’ve spent a decade covering a range of sports in the New York City market, but a lifetime of following and enjoying the sweet escape that is an athletic event.  I may not always be right or even close to it, but if you’d prefer a different voice from the usual talking heads, this is the place.

Let’s Get Real

I’m not an athlete.  I was in a past life, though. I wrestled, played baseball (coached little league), even was a sleeper pick in a couple pick-up basketball and football games, but my career ended before I even graduated college.  However, I’ve been privileged enough to work with and get to know some of the smartest people in the field of Sports Journalism; and I’d like to think a little of their knowledge has rubbed off on me.  Also, make no mistake about it, women are just as big a part of sports as any man could ever hope.  So while I may bring you some thoughts on the “manliness” of sport, just remember the girl who got picked last is probably better than you and she’s not afraid to prove why.

Christian Heimall posing with a 2014 athletics trophy
Posing with the 2014 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Trophy, won by the Manhattan Jaspers, while at the CBS Studios on “Selection Sunday”

Who’s the Writer?

My name is Christian.  Friends and family (except my mother) can call me Chris if they so choose.  I’m heading deeper into my late-20’s and don’t wanna talk about it.  For the last decade, I’ve lived and worked in the NYC area either as a college student or as a sports media professional.  I’ve called NCAA Tournament games on radio, covered golf tournaments, interviewed NFL and MLB legends, and even worked on an NHL broadcast.  I’m also a devout supporter of our military and a strong fighter for cancer patients (being a survivor myself) and their families.  I love sports, not only as a means of escape but as a means to unite.  It’s the only place where we can have a healthy debate without losing friendships.  Except in European Soccer. Y’all are crazy.

Stay tuned to the forthcoming broadcasts,





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