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Memorial Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. This weekend exists most importantly for remembering the lives of those given for our nation. Therefore, you better be damned sure any service member who attends your party is treated the way they’ve earned. While it’s not Veterans Day, you should already be thanking a soldier whenever you see one, but I digress.

Before getting to the Memorial Day recipes, you need to know how you are cooking them! Charcoal vs. Gas is the age-old question with grills. Whether it is price, taste, cleanup, or the cooking itself, there is a lot that can go into answering that question.

Charcoal vs. Gas Grills

The battle between gas and charcoal grills for Memorial Day
What is better? It’s ultimately your choice.

Especially for first-timers, this decision can be very daunting. The simple answer is: you can’t go wrong. The best grillers can make anything work while the worst grillers can screw up the best equipment. Smokers are always the best but those are some of the most expensive pieces of cooking equipment in general, and we won’t look at those here. So, if you really are looking to make an all-in purchase on a regular grill, here are a couple of things to remember before your Memorial Day cookout.


More often than not, the charcoal grills have the lowest initial investment. However, depending on how much you grill, buying charcoal, lighter fluid, etc. can get a little costly. Gas grills are generally more expensive to start, but the gas tanks will last a bit longer. Both types come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ll find a bit more variety with the charcoals. Also, the amount of gas that can be used without you knowing is shocking. So, when watching your wallet, go with charcoal.


Much like beauty, taste is something each person has their own views about. This is especially true when it comes to grilling. The gasoline flavor and smell aren’t really noticeable with current gas grill technology. However, in my opinion, charcoal always tastes better. Smoking chips and flavored briquettes can always be used to adjust the flavor profile, but that adds to the cost and sometimes isn’t worth it. Still, go with the charcoal and eat meat the way it was intended.


This one isn’t even close, unfortunately. If you’ve ever taken a charcoal grill to a tailgate, you know how much of a pain in the ass cleaning up can be. It’s not as simple as turn off the gas and leaving it to clean later. You have to find a place to dump the charcoal, put out the flame, and then hope the ashes don’t go flying in your face as you bring it home. Gas grill in a landslide here.


When it comes to using your grill, the temperature is critical. As much as you may try, controlling the heat on a charcoal grill becomes tough. However, a gas grill is just like an oven. The quantity of heat with a gas grill is super easy to control with the turn of a knob. If you put out the flames on charcoal, it becomes a little harder to start cooking again. Put another check mark in the gas column.  This is especially relevant on Memorial Day since you will probably have a higher quantity of food you are grilling.


While this may be a push, the ultimate choice is yours. I’ve used a charcoal grill for almost eight years, and I love it. Plus, when the end goal is to have a dynamite smoker grill, you need to become a master of the open flame. Still, it’s your decision to make. If you need more in-depth analysis, check it out here.

Now that we’ve established, kind of, which grill to use for your Memorial Day party, be sure to stay tuned this week for my Top-5 BBQ Recipes!




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