MLB has its Spring Training pre-season going strong for all thirty teams.  Meanwhile, the World Baseball Classic is about to be in full-swing to help highlight worldly talents; and the WBC helps MLB showcase their American stars against the world-stage.

On April 2, there will be three games that start the season, beginning with New York Yankees v Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays at 1:00ET and culminating with a primetime game of Chicago Cubs v Saint Louis Cardinals at 8:30ET.

This image shows Oriole Park at Camden Yards from an aerial advantage. The warehouse is visible along the right side of the image with parts of the Baltimore skyline filling out the background.
Arguably the best ballpark in MLB.

I grew up playing baseball and have had the privilege of being within a commute of OPACY.  This year seems like a good one for the Orioles, but will it be enough for my hometown team to make it all the way?

Here’s my prediction for the 2017 MLB Season:


East: Toronto Blue Jays

Central: Cleveland Indians

West: Texas Rangers

Wild Card: Baltimore Orioles


East: Washington Nationals

Central: Chicago Cubs

West: San Francisco Giants

Wild Card: New York Mets

The outcome of the All-Star Game will give the American League the advantage during the World Series.

Here is how the postseason will play out:

Orioles over Rangers

Jays over Indians

Jays over Orioles

Cubs over Mets

Nationals over Giants

Cubs over Nationals

World Series:

This picture shows the Rogers Centre in Toronto from the left field seating prospective. The roof is open and the Tigers are the opponents..
Come October, the roof will be up.

Jays over Cubs in 6, triggering another century-long drought.

I cannot wait to hear all about how I am wrong.

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