One of the ladies is running down the first base line for a hit.
So fast, you can see the last step.

Thank you for the greatest sports season I have ever been a part of.  You worked your tails off.  And, there is a measurable difference in how much you have progressed in a short amount of time.  My volunteering article was about how spoiled I am as a coach with your parents, the coaches, and the community.  This article is to let you know that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

The ladies pose for a final picture.
A final moment with the team.

Many of you ladies expressed a desire to enter the STEAM fields.  Keep that up!  As an adult, it’s nice to do the thing you wanted to as a kid, as it makes working not work, but an activity you enjoy four to five days a week.  No matter the career choice, this sentiment holds water.  From pilot to pretzel maker.

You will go onto great things in life.

One of the ladies pitches while another waits in position.
Our ace and defense made a potent 1-2 combo.

Some of you expressed wanting to attend a Division-I college.  Each of you is smart enough to accomplish that. All it takes is the same tenacity you show when you suit up each game and, like your teammates, you will have people in your life who can help you.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Don’t be afraid to go for it.

We have leaders on the team already and you ladies need to keep it up.  Be your generation’s leading edge.  If you don’t step up, someone else will.  I have the utmost confidence in your abilities.  I’ve seen what you can do.  You just need to continue to believe that you can do it.

Life is a wonderful thing not to experience as much as you can.

The ladies form a circle as a team picture.
Photo-op before the big game.

Some of you ladies aren’t exactly sure what you want to do with life yet.  That is fine, too.  You’re barely teenagers and there are a lot of things you can do.  Experience life.  As much of it as possible.  It truly is a beautiful little ball we live on and it’s a shame to waste any opportunity to check it out.  You may find your place on the other side of the planet.  Enjoy your opportunities.

“The world needs you.”

One of the laides receives her trophy.
A hard-fought season comes to an end.

Each of you has the potential to change your community, your state, and even the world and I believe you will.  Keep making good decisions.  Continue volunteering in the community.  Keep being role models for the younger ones in the league and your community.  The parents go on about how great their daughters are and they aren’t wrong.  Continue to be that great person who brings people together.

When I served in the military, we were told to have a particular fortitude.  Today, we go with intestinal.  As many told me that through my military travels, the same sentiment can be shared with you.  “The world needs you.”

Go have fun.  Go try hard.

-Coach Colin




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