Six days of work. Six STEAMy articles to work your mind. Check in each week for news from the previous week. These articles will satisfy your curious mind.

Firstly, a Stanford-led team discovers improved performance with ceria (used in catalytic converters and other goods) by stretching or squeezing the material.  This new nanoengineering discovery could help green energies, and energy conversion and storage.

Next, MIT researchers have developed a bio-garment hybrid that helps alleviate excess heat and sweat for the wearer.  The garment used printed live cells (such as E.coli) on the garment to control the flaps, and the researchers are looking for ways to incorporate fluorescence and/ or odor-release technologies into the development for their active and footwear.

Thirdly,  A Penn State-led team has developed a more cost-effective way of providing solar power to developing nations.  The new panels lose efficiency and have the usual semiconductor of silicon switched out with indium gallium nitride, but the materials are less expensive to create, install, and upkeep.

Additionally, a University of Florida-led team has published a paper describing how American songbirds and the spring bloom of their breeding grounds are mismatched, due to earlier warming.  Consequently, some species are adapting, others are not so well.

Also, a team of astronomers led by Washington State University have confirmed earlier predictions on and have developed new theories for TRAPPIST-7h (the furthest planet orbiting the star).  The new theory is that while the planet is cold (-148*F), this many not always have been the case when TRAPPIST-7 was a younger star.

Finally, University of Kentucky researchers published their findings on macrophages being a key component in mammalian healing and tissue regeneration.  The research revolves around African spiny mice, and the team hopes future work will yield clinical applications to help tissue damage in humans.

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