Weekend fishing trip coming up? Have everything you need to make it a success? Do you even know where to start? Time to pull out that cat covered notepad your mother bought you for Christmas and write these necessities down.

Stop the Sun and the Bite on the Weekend

Sunlight on a lake over the weekend, perfect for weekend fishing.
Stay on the water without the burn and enjoy your weekend more.

Everyone loves a little color, but nobody likes to get sun burnt. Even more so, nobody wants to get sun burnt and get the itchy bug bites. Sunscreen and bug spray are two things you should pack in bulk for a weekend out on the lake. Sunscreen brands such as Banana Boat will work just fine. Personally, I like the sports spray and I wouldn’t go lower than SPF 30; sunlight reflects off of water which makes it stronger.

For bug spray, I’d recommend Lethal Bug & Tick Repellent. Don’t use that Off! Deep Woods crap, it doesn’t work (trust me, I’ve slept in a swamp for two weeks). The nice thing about Lethal Bug & Tick Repellent is that it’s scent-free; you hunters don’t have to worry about giving up your poorly placed tree stand.

Everyone Needs a Good Cooler

cooler, tackle box, and fishing rod for weekend fishing with a desert backdrop.
Bison Coolers are durable, keep ice longer, and don’t short you on capacity

This is just a true fact of life. For any warm weather weekend event, you have to have a good cooler. Sure you could go with a foam one from WaWa, or you could go with one that will actually last you. Plus you need one that will keep your drinks and catches colder, longer.

My recommendation is Bison Coolers. With coolers ranging in size from 12-pack soft coolers to 150-quart container (and made in America), these coolers are durable and keep ice around for days. Personally, I own a 25-quart cooler from Bison and have had ice still in the cooler four days later after 90-degree temps and direct sunlight. They have comfortable clothes, stylish hats, and other products such as growlers and tumblers to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Bison also won’t hurt your wallet as bad as the competition will (price comparison for Bison to Yeti is close to $100 less expensive in favor of Bison), and Bison is true to size so you don’t get shorted on capacity.

Common Sense! Extra Tackle for Weekend Fishing

fishing rod laying in a fishing net next to a tackle box ready for weekend fishing
Don’t be that guy who runs out of what you need on a weekend fishing trip.

Yes, it is common sense to bring extra tackle. Unfortunately, some people will forget to bring it (even after reading this). Don’t just carry some extra line and bait. No, carry spares of everything! You are going to need rods, reels, line, baits, lures, hooks, and sinkers just in case. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Any all-purpose or outdoor store will have the tackle you need. When it comes to rods that don’t break the bank, go for Ugly Stik’s GX2 rod & reel combo’s. Ugly Stik’s are durable and run below $60 in most locations; I bought two for me. They also come in every size from ultra-light to heavy action. Furthermore, they typically come in spinning, spin casting, and baitcasting setups.




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