Are you Savage, or a Gentleman?
savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

Alright, men, sit down. We need to talk.

Historically, biologically, anthropologically, whatever evidence of the previous indication is used, there is one constant to be observed about the male human.  We’re primal.  Naturally, we are providers and innovators, weathering the most extreme environments.  Men are designed to survive and make it look easy.  Unfortunately, we’ve gone astray from what we did best and embarrassed our ancestors.  Not sure what I mean?  Take a stroll down to the nearest campsite and look around.  Freaking living rooms, as far as the eye can see.  We go out for a weekend getaway and never actually get away.  What happened to cooking a meal over an open fire or bathing in a running river?  Do men even know about slit trenches anymore?  Camping, therefore, is no longer camping.

The Real Value of Camping

Sun setting beyond a mountain line in the background. The image also shows a low-grade valley system in the foreground and mid ground.
The hills are alive with the sounds of not people.

If you haven’t put your worldly possessions on standby for a few days of primitive living, you’re missing out.  But I get it. What’s so enticing about bugs, dirt, sweat, and carrying your TP to the wood line? Well, the short answer? You just read it. Nature has this hypnotic beauty about it that can make sitting in the same spot for 8 hours feel as effortless and rewarding as binge-watching your favorite Netflix series.  We rob ourselves of the true experience, though, in exchange for amenities we think we need.  I’m convinced, however, that I can take anyone into the wilderness, and hear them say “had a great time”.  Feel like taking me up on that? Well, it doesn’t matter because I’ve already got you reading this far.  Moving forward I will be providing tips for how to camp like a man, and how to make it not suck.

Finally, let’s back brief

A picture of a tree-lined, still lake reflecting the tree image.
Sun’s out, guns out.

Camping, when done right, is done without a power cable. Also, remember if you want to be miserable, you will be.  Camping is dirty and definitely not luxurious.  Camping is magically rewarding, however. So get out there and get back in touch with your primitive roots. Shoot some stuff, start a fire, and if I see anyone pull out hair gel, regroup here for a flogging.  See you folks for the next article, where I will cover the camping essential, how to pack for the occasion.