Are you Savage, or a Gentleman?
savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

Hey folks, Aaron here.

I’m Aaron and I’m glad to be a part of this project because I see the writing on the wall. Too many of the new crop of men are incapable of being a man, and I find it unacceptable. During the Renaissance, rich men learned a little about everything and specialized in just a couple of things. They had huge libraries and time to burn. To be a renaissance man these days takes a desire to learn and Google. It’s our responsibility to be as well rounded as possible. I take that responsibility pretty seriously.

Aaron enjoying a fine IPA
Enjoying a fine IPA

I spent a total of ten years in various military units and gained a lot of useful skill and knowledge, not to mention a dark, sick sense of humor. I have various colleges and degree tracks in the books, but learning is a lifelong endeavor.

I’ve found that the difference between good and great is putting in a little more effort than most people will. I try to take anything I do just that couple steps further than most. I promise you’ll learn something and, hopefully, your comments will teach me even more.

My bio reads like either a bad case of ADHD or someone who still hasn’t figured out what he wants to be when he grows up. I’m a general subjects kind of guy with a computer science and linguistics background. I get to write the code and cobble together any special functionality. We’re working on tournament brackets and Fantasy leagues and all sorts of things. I’m the resident web monkey, so if you find something that’s borked on the site, I get to fix it. Please don’t bork things on purpose (and if you do, let me know as privately as possible). We don’t have a bug bounty program yet, but if we do put that together we’ll let you know.





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