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Here come the Social Justice Warriors with their fat acceptance. I can hear them marching in droves with their signs, their safe spaces, and face scarves. “You are intolerant! We will sit here in the middle of the interstate and protest until they take your article down! You’re probably racist, misogynistic, sexist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic!” Blah, blah. Shut the fuck up and sit down for a second. Put the sign and the donut down and read for once. I am trying to help you and explain why this “Fat Acceptance” movement needs to stop.

What is Fat Acceptance?

picture of a label that says Fat Acceptance Movement
It is just another label. Another label to enable mediocrity

Great! Now that we have the SJW’s attention, I want to get the people that still have critical thinking skills to read this too. The fat acceptance movement was created by people (unsure where exactly) that are too lazy to do anything about their health. Instead of doing something about their weight, they took the easy way out and proclaimed “We are comfortable in our own skin! Society should accept us, and if they don’t, we will label them as intolerant bullies.” However, most logical people will tell you that is utter bullshit and a cop out. It is pretty straightforward; they just do not feel like exercising and dieting. We are being told that big is beautiful and we need to accept it. Well, we should not and here is why.

Why is Fat Acceptance Unacceptable?

fat kid at fast food chain
Fat Acceptance Movement sees this as okay.

Before I get into why it is unacceptable, I want to comment on what kind of fat I am talking about. I am not talking about dad bod, that little spare tire, junk in the trunk, chunky, or a little flabby. I am definitely NOT talking about you pregnant ladies! Yall are beautiful, especially my wife who is due in September. Fat shaming itself is definitely wrong. The type of overweight I am referring to is obesity. The “My 600 lb. Life” assholes. Obesity is a crisis that is affecting our society and most importantly, our children. This movement is enabling obesity further down the rabbit hole. We know the studies and we know what obesity does to the human body. I am not going to get into boring ass stats because we all know how SJW’s hate facts and logic. This movement promotes poor health and fitness. If this movement becomes a significant part of American culture, it will spell doom for all of us. It will permanently cripple the already problematic healthcare crisis in this country. It will also cripple us economically due to the government handing out disability checks to people with obesity-related issues. Lastly, think about the children! Children watch their parents do everything. They see how we treat people, listen to our discussions, and see what we eat. This movement is telling them, “It is okay, eat what you want and get as fat as you want because we are laying the foundation for you to be mediocre.” The people who are a part of the movement aren’t really saying that, but actions speak louder than words!

How To Stop This Movement

There is a simple solution to this simple problem. We, as individuals, can promote good behaviors amongst ourselves and children to live a life of good health and fitness. We are responsible for our own bodies. That is how we stop this movement; we completely ignore it. Do not go to this movement’s social media sites and troll them. That is being a social justice warrior as well. You may not be able to get through to them, but you can be an advocate for good health and fitness. Also, encourage others to go to the gym with you. The average overweight person will say “Man, I could lose some weight.” You can be that person that pushes them over the edge. Motivation and education are the best way to put a wrench in that dumbass movement without acknowledging them. Now go out there and whip some people into shape, you fucking animals!

pringles man promoting fat acceptance
You really can’t





  1. Nice post : )

    Frankly, I’m not bothered by those who don’t wish to eat well and exercise. They have the right to lead their lives as they deem fit.

    It’s those who spread untruths about maintaining a healthy weight and prevent others from shedding the pounds that piss me off. Want to harm yourself? Fine. But don’t be wicked and pull others down with you.

    • Moon, thank you for your comment. We agree with you. I did mention the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. However, to tell people “it’s okay to be fat,” yeah sure it is okay but don’t turn it into a social justice movement because it’s not the same as movements that actually matter.


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