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savage gentleman quiz

If you’re like most sane, rational people, you probably find the SJW/ PC crowd tedious. It seems like militant feminists and social justice warriors only care about trying to find ways you victimized them. Even if you just want to get on with your day they always seem to want to make it a miserable experience. You can’t even say ‘hi’ to them without some accusation of harassment or straight, white, cis, patriarchy, privilege, whatever.

Feminists and SJW’s have just done all they can to ruin social interaction. Well, their actions have now backfired and led to the creation of an App to ditch them forever.

Ahead to Brighter, Feminists and SJW Free Days

Annoydance App in action
The only screenshot they would let us use

Apparently, you’re not alone. A new mobile app is in development by the same company, Niantic, who brought us such apps as Pokemon Go and Ingress. The app can help cut down on chance encounters with the most annoying people on the planet. Dubbed ‘Annoydance,’ it has a closed beta version for both Android and iOS. We asked the developers if there were plans to include Windows Phone. Their spokesperson said, “No.  Seriously? Why would we waste time with that?”

The app relies heavily on user input and works a lot like Waze which allows its subscribers to update maps with pertinent information. For instance, if a user notices a crowd of free bleeders with bullhorns, a simple tap of the map can alert all other users in the area that avoidance is the best course of action. Purple-haired bowl cut with horn rims and bad tattoos coming at you? Update the map with the location and the app lets other users know where it is. Each successive update draws a map of the SJW’s travels. When it’s released, we can all help spot and avoid the pan-sexual, demi-queer, otherkin, cryptogender, attack helicopter who will curse you out for not automatically knowing its pronouns.

Cutting Edge Tech

SJW in natural garb
I can’t abide those SJWs. Disgusting creatures.

The app also makes use of CCTV cameras, scheduled protests, and even real-time satellite imagery to track conventions, riots, marches, SJW gatherings, and other activities sane people would rather avoid. While it’s not quite ready for prime time yet, it should be ready for open beta in the next 3 months. According to Niantic, a lot of work is going into solving the problem of false negatives. While ordinarily they would be focused on false positives, the annoyance factor is so great that they would rather err on the side of higher false positives than allow even a few of these annoying beasts to escape and annoy a user.

The Future of Annoydance

Annoydance is a free app that is ad-supported. Niantic’s reasons were, “We’d rather lose money on this thing than have to deal with one more of those obnoxious toddlers.” We can’t wait to see the more advanced features in the open beta and the final release.  Until then, we’ll keep plugging away with the closed beta.




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