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Men love food

Red and yellow peppers, green zucchini, yellow squash on a table with brown potatoes and yellow onions in the background, no meat
Even with a plant-based diet, there is still a large variety of foods to choose from

One food type that men love more than anything is meat. While there is nothing wrong with putting meat on the table, as men it is also our responsibility to know what those food choices mean for the world around us. More importantly making a small change in food will lead to a better man and it only takes 12 days a year.

A complete collapse

Graph showing the decline of fish colonies leading to a total collapse in the year 2050
By the year 2050 we will have had a complete collapse of seafood fisheries

According to groups of experts from around the world, the world’s seafood colonies will either be extinct or close to extinction by 2048. Many colonies have already collapsed due to over-fishing, climate change, and water pollution. One group of researchers first made this prediction in 2006.1 However, since that time the seafood industry continues to be one of the least regulated parts of the food industry.  For instance, rather than listen to the science, countries have continued to raise catch quotas but not set any catch limits.2

Red meat and poultry

Green and yellow Graph depicting total emissions emitted by several plant and animal foods
In most cases, animal foods emit at least double the carbon monoxide as plant foods3

By 2050 our population will reach 9.7 billion people. Producing enough food will most likely not be possible with today’s farming practices. Due to advances in environmental sciences, the industrialized agriculture of meat and poultry has been found to be one of the leading causes of climate change and damage to the environment.  More importantly, meats cost too much for too little return. A report from the International Water Management Institute found that almost 900 million people are undernourished now. The report also notes that 550 liters of water are needed to produce enough flour for one loaf of bread in developing countries. Comparably, up to 7,000 liters of water is needed to produce 100 grams of beef. As a result, the study recommended finding more sustainable ways to produce more food.4

An easy change

Picture showing traffic on a highway at night
Removing almost eight million cars would be like remove almost all of the city center to suburbs commuters in the United States.5
Minimizing the impact people have through diet is actually something easy to do that can have a huge impact with very little change. Not eating one pound of beef can save enough water for a 4 minute shower every day for 44 days.6 On a much larger scale, not eating animals one day a week is estimated to be equivalent to taking 7.6 million cars off the road.7 When someone decides to adopt a plant-based diet; carbon emissions, oil, water, and land use are greatly slashed due to food production costs.8

The easy change I propose

What is manlier than being responsible for our choices and making a small change to better ourselves and the world around us? One meatless day a month where you normally eat meat can do just that. This also provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to cook and experience new places. Go expand your palette. Women love responsible men who can cook and show them a good time.

Stay tuned for great recipes, techniques, products, and places to get something to eat to make the change not even noticeable.



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