Spikevegeta speedrunning Rayman

Speedrunning: More Than Just Gaming for Players That Like to Finish Early

You see the articles pop up: Man finishes Super Mario Bros in under five minutes.  Then in the comments section are tons of varying...
Debating Comics

Bat-Stan: Comic Book Fandom’s Most Annoying Denizen

As an avid reader of comic books, I really despise the condescending attitudes of elitist gatekeeper types.  I love talking about comics and debating...

Convention Season is Upon Us: Your Guide to Navigating all the Gaming News

It's that time of year, when all the news breaks and we learn just how poor our hobby will make us in the coming...
Sharknado - Ian Ziering prepares to carve a shark with a chainsaw, which is totally believable

MING Reviews Shitty Movies – Sharknado 1 Through 4

We love shitty movies.  Well, I love shitty movies. As far as recent movies go, they don't get much shittier than the Sharknado franchise....
Maple tree tapped, with a bucket under the tap.

The Vermont State Police Are Back

    Super Troopers 2 just wrapped filming.  On tap to make a splash later this year, or early next year.  There are many cult fans waiting...

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