Shore fishing

Shore Fishing for Boatless Anglers

If you are anything like me, you don't own a boat. This is a normal aggravation for many of us shore anglers. It's such...
Wood burning

Log Cabin Technique: Thog Maketh Fire

  Let's be real folks, Thog probably doesn't know shit about the Log Cabin Technique.  Thog also spent a lot of nights freezing his ass...
ming logo against stack of tires

Tire Care – What you need to know

As men, we hold the responsibility to take care of our vehicles. Tire care is a big part of that. It's all too often...
Wonder Woman looking unamused.

Self-Defense and The Modern Woman: Be An Ass Kicker

Hello, Ladies! As I am sitting here writing this morning, I realized that I need to show you all some love. As we stated, we also...
the cool tie knots

The Power of Tie Compels You

One of the easily forgotten categories of class that men should know is the tie knot.  More specifically, the understanding of when and where...
rocky, drago, punching, boxing

You Can’t Fight and M.I.N.G Wants To Help: Part I

Hey kids, El Presidente here.  Today I want to talk about the lost art of fighting.  Fighting has been apart of the human lexicon...
Looking down a fishing rod.

Simple, Universal Fishing Knots

I struggle with writer's block from time to time. Luckily our Editors neighbor, who is a big supporter of MING, recommended this article topic....
Mounted Largemouth Bass

Using Soft Plastic Baits for More Summer Fish

Soft plastic bait is a lot like fishing line. There are hundreds to choose from and each kind has a different purpose in the...

Knot Tying 101: A Dying Manly Art That Could Save Your Life

Basic knots and knot-tying is an ancient art which we've largely neglected in the modern era.  The whole concept of cordage, how to procure...
Brewing beer with fresh leaf hops

You Should Be Brewing Beer Because Beer is Amazing, Pt. 2

Now that we have covered what you need in You Should Be Brewing Beer Because Beer is Amazing, Pt. 1, the all-import methods of...
Man in a Garden

The Art of Man-scaping: It Should Be Routine

Man-scaping is something that you should be doing and shouldn't be afraid to do. Since you clicked this link, you probably have a little...

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