Simple, Universal Fishing Knots.

Simple and Universal Fishing Knots

With more fishing knots than there are fishermen in the world, it gets pretty wild selecting which ones to use. As an angler, I...
repel tower

Camping Hacks: Accomplish Anything With A Rope

Does everyone remember that scene from The Boondock Saints? You know, the one where Murphy is trying to convince Conner the necessity of rope for...

Knot Tying 101: A Dying Manly Art That Could Save Your Life

Basic knots and knot tying is an ancient art which we've largely neglected in the modern era. The whole concept of cordage, how to...
man adjusting knot tie

The Power of Tie Knot Compels You

One of the easily forgotten categories of class that men should know is the tie knot. More specifically, the understanding of when and where...

Giant Jenga Drinking Game – DIY

Jenga is a popular game for all ages. Here at M.I.N.G., We like to make things bigger, better, and when possible, include alcohol. As...

You Can’t Fight and M.I.N.G Wants To Help with Muay Thai

Hey, kids! Welcome back to Part II! If you are reading this it means you want to learn more or you want to critique...

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