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Fun Fact Friday: How Much Do You Really Know About Nukes

How much do you really know about nukes these days?  In the 80's and 90's, we all grew up knowing for certain that the...

Water in America, Part II: The Archimedes Screw

In Water in America, Part I, I discussed how to implement a large scale, flood-and-drought water solution.  Now that the water in the aqueducts...
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Op-ed: The Importance of Funding NIH Grants

Dear M.I.N.G. Nation: Recently, one of our members, Colin, came across an article about funding the NIH. More specifically, the grants that the NIH gives out....
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Why Do Guys Fall Asleep After Sex?

M.I.N.G. Nation! Sex! Now that I have your attention, let's talk about your body. You should know about your body, what it does, and...
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Make Music Great Again: The State of the Music Industry

Clearly, that's a subjective question. Music taste is based on memories, opinions, personalities, and culture. We as consumers are being cheated in the 21st...

Living In Space, Part 1: Magnetosphere

Cancer sucks.  A natural phenomenon that helps protect us from cancer in space is magnetism, which for us comes in the form of Earth's magnetosphere.  Earth...

Without Mathematics We’re All Cavelings

Fibonacci was onto something. There is an inherent beauty in mathematics. At least for me, there is. Without it, we wouldn't have some great...

RoboBees: The Replacements

So, spring is soon approaching. How is this manly? I’ll tell you how. We have killed a bunch of pollinators. Pollinators are responsible for...

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