Green and yellow Yemen Chameleon.

Without Mathematics We’re All Cavelings

  Fibonacci was onto something.  There is an inherent beauty in mathematics.  At least for me, there is.  Without mathematics, we wouldn't have some great...
Topographic map of the United States. - seawall

Sea Wall: A Trillion Dollars Doesn’t Sound So Bad

President Donald Trump's border wall is expected to cost upwards of US$15 billion1.  Built across 2,000 miles, that figure equals out to roughly US$7.5...
The Pont Du Gard aqueduct in Italy.

Water In America, Part I: California Drought to Tennessee Flood, the Roman Aqueduct is...

If you live in the United States, you see the same thing year-after-year.  Winter leaves and all of a sudden Middle-America is a dystopian...
RoboBees, Science, Technology, Microrobots

RoboBees: The Replacements

  So, spring is soon approaching. How is this Manly? I’ll tell you how. We (man) have killed a bunch of pollinators. Pollinators are responsible for...

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