Are you Savage, or a Gentleman?
savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

Not everything Manly has to do with the outdoors and shooting.  Hunting and fishing have their place.  Art also has its place.  From music used to speak from the soul to paintings that took hours and hours, days and weeks to complete.  Carpentry and metal-working are even art.  Well, Baltimore likes to celebrate that art and, as men, so should you. Artscape is that celebration.

I went to Artscape.  It was great!

A picture of highlighted artists' business cards from Artscape.
If you don’t visit Artscape and support the arts, ISIS wins.

Firstly, there was so much art to be seen, heard, smelled, felt, and tasted.  Secondly, five vendors stood out.  The Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) were quick witted, as an improv group should be.  Also, Rockets Are Red (Print), Sandtown Millworks (custom recycled furniture), Switchwood (Wooden Accessories), and The Nature of Metal (Metal Working) all stood out to me.  There are hundreds of vendors at Artscape, and they will be there until 8 PM on Sunday.

The food was fantastic and music was tucked away in each corner of the festival, filling the air.  Parking was $2.00, so very affordable.  And, tomorrow is supposed to be free parking on much of the surface streets.

I cannot recommend going enough.

Seeing is believing.  If I had $25,000, I would buy a piece from each artist.  But, I don’t.  So, I won’t.  However, there are reasonable items for sale, from as low as $5.00.  Bring the family.  Hell, bring the lady you are trying to impress.  Bring yourself and behold this treat.

In case my words aren’t working, here’s a video of my adventures:

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