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Most of the country is still cold, or Mother Nature is just drunk. Spring is coming, whether you choose to believe it or not. That means the weather will be good enough to get into some new outdoor activities. If you aren’t sure what to do this Spring to get off the couch, this list is for you.

Fishing is the #1 of the spring activities

the author with a smallmouth bass caught during outdoor spring activities time
Nice, fat Smallmouth bass caught in early spring. Pre-spawn fish are hungry and ready to bite in Spring.

Are you really surprised this would start my outdoor activities list off? Spring fishing can be an extremely rewarding time for avid anglers. It can also be a perfect time to get your kids or a newbie into the outdoors and into the sport. Whether it’s a worm and a bobber, or an expensive lure, springtime heats up fishing activity.

If you are new to fishing or are getting your kids into it, try using just a worm on a dock at your local lake or river. Fish coming up from the depths to prepare to spawn will be searching for easy meals, with a belly full of eggs. That means big fish are easier to catch, which is a great way to get some blood pumping once you feel the big bite and the drag whistle.


The writer with his brothers golfing
Golfing is a fun sport to get into; especially since you’re almost encouraged to drink while playing.

April 5 – April 8 starts the Masters Tournament, by far my favorite PGA major tournament of all time. While you might not be able to play the beautiful course that is Augusta National, you can pick up a set of clubs and head to your local driving range. New to golf? Getting started in golf is one of the best spring activities spring Starter sets are very affordable and you don’t need anything more expensive until you can shoot like the pros.

If you’re worried about getting into golfing but are still interested, try just going to the range before hitting the course. Great way to get some fresh air, and to smack the hell out of something (legally) by taking hard driver shots off a tee. Think golf is just boring? Name another sport that allows you to drink while playing it…I’ll wait.

If you have played golf before, spring will start to bring back the beautiful scenic views of your home course. What better time to start working on your game and bringing your handicap down than in the cool, sunny days of spring?


When it comes to good spring activities, nothing is more simple than a hike. It’s cool enough out to get into some great outdoor workouts while enjoying what nature has to offer. Not to mention that all the hibernating animals will be coming out to warm up. Looking for a new, interesting date to impress someone? Go on a hike.

Trails all over the United States range from beginner to advanced, which increases your energy output. Hiking is also a great way to explore one of the many national parks our country has to offer. It knocks out two birds with one stone. Go hiking when it’s not hotter than fire outside, more enjoyable, and beat the crowds at national parks before the kids break free for the summer.

Spring Turkey

two men holding Kansas turkeys
Cold Water Outdoors Co-Founder and fellow MING writer, Mike Heimall with a spring turkey tag punched in Kansas.

There are simple spring activities and there are more intense ones. Well who said turkey was only for Thanksgiving? Many states have a spring turkey hunting season. If you have never been turkey hunting, it can be an adrenaline boost to wake you out of your winter hibernation. Think of the many ways you can turkey hunt and the reward of putting dinner on your table from your own doing.

Ever watch a guy crawl along the ground, with a turkey decoy in front of him while three big gobblers come sprinting towards him? If not, watch Outdoor Channel. If you have seen it or even done it, it’s intense. You can also sit in a ground blind and wait for Ol’ nutsack-neck to come walking into view and shoot from there, but honestly the first sounds more fun.

Even if you don’t shoot anything, it gets you some quality time in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. I mean sure eating a tag doesn’t sound like that much fun, but doesn’t it beat cleaning out the house with your wife?

Go to a Ballgame

I’m not sure how any Red, White, and Blue American can say “I don’t like baseball.” It’s America’s sport for crying out loud! I get it, watching a 3 hour game on tv doesn’t sound fun to you. Here are 3 reasons to watch baseball at home or at the ballpark: 1) Its American; 2) Beer up until the 7th inning stretch (which could be a while), or unlimited at home. 3) Refer to 1 and 2.

Anyways, spring training started up already. For those of you wondering what that is, it’s like if the NFL took preseason and added training camp in between games for 3 months. April then starts regular season play. Which means you can go to your local teams ballpark, get a little tipsier than you normally would in public, and enjoy America’s great past time.

If you are a fan of baseball, spring means Christian Heimall will be all baseball on his podcast, Press Row. You can check him out on Facebook here and listen to your podcast player. Also, keep up with all his articles with MING.

Basically stated, get outside. If you were stuck inside all winter, rejoin us here in the real world. Sure it might be a bit noisy right now, but everything is more silent outside, away from people. Because who needs people?





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