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savage gentleman quiz

For April’s Goddess of the Month, we found a fitness coach from Texas. Tam Salinas is a gorgeous woman with a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals.

Meet Tam

Tam Salinas hails from the great state of Texas and currently resides in Dana Point, California. Our Goddess of the Month is a sponsored athlete for Nutrition Zone as well as the face of UNLSHD Supplements. Tam is also quite the inspiration as a full-time Online Coach, and she is transforming lives at an accelerated rate. Her academy is 100% personalized and prides her self on the ability to change your mentality from “I can’t” into “I CAN!” while receiving your ultimate dream body!
She loves to work out, and she teaches others how to exercise correctly. Serving others and transforming lives is her passion. When she is not leading others to their fitness goals or modeling, you can catch her outside playing on the beach, going for a swim, surfing, playing volleyball or just laying out. Tam also has a passion for music and art and considers herself a talented painter. The majority of her tattoos she has drawn herself or helped in the process of creating. Lastly, she enjoys cooking and creating healthy meals that may not seem healthy. Tam lives to inspire others through her modeling and her fitness coaching. She is a true inspiration. Tam Salinas is Goddess of the Year material.
Do yourself a favor and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We look forward to seeing more of this talented Goddess!

 Tam’s Vital Statistics

Height: 5’7
Bust: 34 D
Waist: 27′
Hips: 32′
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown





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