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savage gentleman quiz

Memorial Day is a big deal to veterans, not because it’s our day but because it’s the day where we remember those who never made it back.

Remembrance is the reason

Happy Memorial Day from MING. Set your clock for 2:55 PM so that you can be ready for the moment of silence starting at 3 PM, and make a toast.  Remembrance is the reason for the holiday.  By all means, enjoy the day but remember the reason we have it.  The brats, steaks, dogs, beers, and revelry can wait for one minute while you reflect.

Read our fun facts to learn things you probably didn’t know or to be reminded of things you may have forgotten.  Check out these amazing recipes (these ones too), or this chili recipe.  If you don’t have a grill by now, it’s probably too late.  Look at this article anyway.

Happy Memorial Day from MING




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