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Unless your wife/ girlfriend/ significant other is one of those weirdos that hates receiving a tongue lashing (yes, they exist), the power of no-strings oral cannot be understated. To make the point, have you ever gotten a no-strings BJ? If not, it’s a magical experience that will make you volunteer to build a new fence or clean out the gutters. But wait, if the other side gets something out of it, is it truly no-strings? It can be. The intent is the key.

If you want to head to the bar with the guys and you go down in an effort to grease the skids, that’s not ‘no-strings.’ If you go down in hopes of reciprocity, that’s not ‘no-strings.’ If you go down because you forgot your anniversary and are trying to make amends, that’s not ‘no-strings.’ The magic only happens when you have no set goals other than to make her feel good. Women are pretty sensitive to ulterior motives, so if you request a favor after giving one, it completely destroys the good the act did.

Why it matters

I’ve had girlfriends give hummers for absolutely no reason whatsoever, then go on about their business as if the blowjob was as common as folding the laundry. I still think fondly about each and every time it happened. Imagine the good it’ll do for her.

messed up toothpaste tube
Little things

It’s been my experience that women tend to let bad things and annoyances build up to a boil before saying anything about them. When they finally let it go, it turns into a blowout that leaves you wondering why she’s so pissed off about the fact that you squeezed the toothpaste tube wrong. From her perspective, the toothpaste tube, or whatever silly bullshit she blew up about, is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s almost never about that thing, but the pile of things she’s been saving up in her ‘annoyances’ bucket.

Now, if she sees the toothpaste tube all fucked up and you didn’t just go down on her for no reason two days ago, expect a fight. If you did, you won’t hear a single word about the toothpaste. She’ll fix the tube to the way she likes it and smile while doing it.

There are rules, though

The rules of no-strings-attached oral
It needs to be fun for both of you
  • Keep all of your clothes on
  • Make sure you both have the time
    • If she takes 45 minutes to finish, either you need to get better at it, or you should wait until her schedule allows
  • No commentary after the fact
  • No expectations after the fact
  • If she asks why you did it, the following are acceptable answers
    • Because I wanted to make you feel good
    • You looked like you needed it
    • I was hungry
    • Can you just accept that I wanted to?
    • etc.
  • If she thanks you, your only reply should be, “You’re welcome.”
  • If she insists on returning the favor, you should say, “There’s time for that later.”


Trust me, no-strings oral will improve your life in immeasurable ways. You can’t do it all the time, nor should you. Just once in a while. If you’re a scheduler, you need it to be random and no more than once a month. Trust your gut on when and how often. When she starts to get frustrated, that’s the right time.




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