Are you Savage, or a Gentleman?
savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and felt confident about what you saw staring back at you? When was the last time you found yourself sucking wind walking up a few flights of stairs? More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and nutrition is the issue. That number isn’t shrinking, either. It’s steadily growing every year. Over the next week, stay tuned for Nutrition 101 – Calories Matter, and Nutrition 101 – Strength Training and Sleep. If you make it to the end of this introduction I’ll even address a little industry secret being kept from you.

Are you obese?

Obese man sitting on the beach. Example of poor nutritionFor men, obesity presents numerous problems. Not only does it increase your mortality rate, but increased body fat decreases your testosterone production. The less testosterone you have, the more body fat you store and the less you feel like a man. The Internet is filled with thousands upon thousands of articles on nutrition, diet, and an infinite number of workouts you can follow as well. But why aren’t you seeing the results you want? Why are you not losing belly fat or building that lean shirt-splitting muscle you dream of rocking? As great as the Internet is, there is a whole lot of fluff out there. A whole lot of people are trying to sell you supplements that line their pockets with profits and keep you struggling to lose a single inch off your waist. Guys, the secret is not in a bottle. The secret is in a set of principles that, when implemented, will erase body fat, tap back into levels of strength you thought long forgotten, increase lean muscle mass, and help you look and feel like the man you know you are on the inside.

Stop eating like a child and fix your nutrition.

Eat like a Grown Ass Man! Sorry to come out of the gate strong like this. No, wait. I take that back. I don’t apologize for coming out swinging here. Millions of American men are obese and on the road to an early grave, and to win that battle I’ve got to stop sugar coating things. Look, I love Pop Tarts, Ben and Jerry’s, and Doritos as much as the rest of you. But, we aren’t kids anymore. It’s time to eat like a damn adult. How disgusting do you feel after you eat a bunch of fried food? How about after shoveling that cheap fast food down your gullet? What did those sugary beverages you gulped down while reading this do for you?

A hand held in front of a large male stomachI get it, it seems like a good idea at the time, but hours later the only thing you’re filled with is regret and guilt. All of that overly processed “junk” food leaves you hungrier and more irritable than it did before; plus, now you feel even more like a slob because of it. Here’s the main problem with eating junk: it feeds the narrative that you’re a nitwit, or worse, that you’re unfit as a man. Think about how good you feel after eating a home cooked meal, something like a steak or chicken. Especially when you put that time in to perfectly cook that steak or chicken yourself. You feel pretty damn good, right? Guys, put down the crap food that ends up on your love handles and eat real food. Food that makes you feel like a man.

Steak, Eggs, Chicken, Pork, Potatoes, Veggies

Listen, you don’t have to eat a bunch of kale chips or do some stupid-ass juice cleanse that your wife’s friends swear by. That isn’t what makes or breaks your nutrition. You can eat everything I listed above and still lose belly fat, increase strength and energy, and build more lean muscle. Plus, these foods help boost your testosterone, you know, the hormone that makes a man a man. Additionally, the nutrients and proteins in these foods help you build muscle, which helps you not only look better naked but feel stronger and more capable in your daily activities. Stop eating like a child and take responsibility for the foods you put in your body.

The Shocking Secret No One Wants to Tell You

An animated smiley face "shushing" with it's finger in front of it's mouthThere are a lot of “secrets” to managing your nutrition out there. Most of them are just fancy marketing ploys or turns of phrase that sound cool. These secrets are as empty as the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl cabinet. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, the secret to losing belly fat and building muscle isn’t coming to you in a bottle. The secret is hidden in that lost art of consistency.

Time + Consistency + Patience = Results.

You’re not going to get lean eating one healthy meal. You’re also not going to get fat eating one bad meal. The same applies to the gym. You’re not going to decrease belly fat and increase muscle mass in two weeks. It took you years to build the stomach you have now. It’s going to take more than a few weeks or months to get rid of it. You don’t need to hit the gym five to six days a week, either. You’re older now and have responsibilities to handle. Go to the gym three times a week. Each week add either five pounds to the lift or a few more reps to each lift. Just as important, consistently track your diet to stay in a calorie deficit.

Are your best years behind you?

Life will throw punches at you and try to knock you down, but that’s what life does. The best things are never easy, unfortunately. Some people like to tell you that your best years are behind you, and sometimes you’ve fallen into that trap. Some of you believe that it’s impossible to look and feel great as you get older, which simply isn’t true. Your best years are ahead. You do not need to confine yourself to residing in a “dad bod”. Take a stand and become the man you’ve always wanted to become.

***Robbie Farlow: Sith Lord of Strength, Token Ginger of House Slytherin,
NASM-CPT,  Level 1 Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and Ordained
Dudeist Priest
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  1. That section about being a grown-ass-man and no longer eating like a child is spot on. Get your shit together. You’re a man with responsibilities. If you’re not, you will be. Grow up and take charge of your shit.


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