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It took almost an entire two months, but I finally vegged out on Sunday and watched A LOT of football. That means I saw more than just one overreaction. From how “competitive” a couple of games were, to how “dominant” one team was, everyone needs a chill pill. Fortunately, I’ll be here every week to give you the necessary dosage.

DeShone Kizer Being Out Late Is His Problem

I heard about this on Monday morning and nearly spit out my coffee. Apparently, Cleveland’s quarterback was out until after 1:00 am on Friday night/Saturday morning before another embarrassing game on Sunday. Kizer was then promptly benched after throwing two picks in the first half against the Tennessee Titans. What makes this an overreaction is the people saying that’s the reason he struggled. Uh. No.

Kizer's overreaction with coach
I feel like I should change this segment to “What’s Wrong in Cleveland This Time?”

Maybe the fact that he’s a rookie who has been benched twice now after winning the starting job and his confidence is shaken. Don’t give me the snowflake routine here; I warned you guys about this happening. DeShone Kizer has no running game and minimal targets to throw to. He plays for the Browns; of course he is going to struggle! But more on them later.

The AFC East is the Best Division in Football

Yes, this division has only one team below .500 (haha, New York Jets). You are correct in noting that the other three teams only have two losses. And yes, the Miami Dolphins have had two great comebacks in succession and the Buffalo Bills have a quality offense. However, this division is still far and away New England’s to lose.

The Pats defense showed up, and that’s not good for everyone else.

The Dolphins have won three straight, including comebacks over Atlanta and the Jets. But now they have to use their third quarterback of the season after Jay Cutler got hurt. I do like the Bills, but apparently, the Tampa Bay Bucs defense isn’t what we thought it was. Besides, wins over the Jets, Broncos, and Bucs at home isn’t that impressive.

Now, and this is important, the Patriots are back. It took seven weeks, but that defense finally showed up and made some great plays against the Falcons. Obviously, you have to be concerned with how much Tom Brady has been getting hit, but that’s a risk every week. New England is 5-2 and they play the Los Angeles Chargers at home this Sunday. All other teams in the AFC East shouldn’t get used to seeing the Pats this close.

Speaking of seeing in New England…

SkyCam Should Be Used All The Time

I might be in the minority here, but I wasn’t so gaga over the “Madden 22” style camera on Sunday night for Patriots-Falcons. You did get to see the play develop a little more, and it was a unique perspective we’re only used to seeing on replays. But I don’t think it’s anything we’ll be seeing a lot more of. It was a novelty thing because of the fog and, knowing our society, we’ll be annoyed with it next week.

Neat feature, not how I want to watch football every week.

As I said, I liked it, but I got over it real quick. Maybe it’s because people wouldn’t shut up about it, or the fog. And maybe I’m the one with the overreaction. All I know is that at some point, it got to be too much for me and I was ready for the game to be over. Fortunately, it basically was at halftime.

How Bout ‘Dem Cowboys

This is one overreaction I am happy to correct every chance given. Let me say this right now: IT WAS THE FORTY-NINERS! The 0-7 San Francisco 49ers with a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback making his first career start. You’re also 3-3 with two home losses. Pump the breaks, Jerry.

You did what you were supposed to do against a terrible team. Please be quiet.

As has been pretty basic since football was conceived, when you run the ball well good things happen. The Dallas Cowboys decided this week to run the ball, after not doing that against Green Bay two weeks ago, and they won! Novel concept. But let’s slow down on them getting back on track. Dallas struggled too often, too early and dug themselves in way too deep.

It doesn’t help that the Eagles and Redskins just look like better football teams. These next four weeks will be critical. At Washington, home against Kansas City, at Atlanta, home against Philadelphia. IF, and I mean if, they go 3-1 in that stretch I’ll jump back into believing. For now, I’ll keep bringing them down to feel less terrible about my Giants.

Not-So-Crazy Overreaction: Browns-Titans Was Worst Game Ever

When you watch a lot of football, you’re bound to see some bad football. OH. MY. GOD. This game was brutal. Tennessee won it 12-9 in Overtime and if you only saw the score that would have been bad enough. But if you looked at the box score, or God forbid watched it, you came close to clawing your eyes out.

One not-so-crazy overreaction? Browns-Titans was bad football
Much like this picture, Sunday was not pretty for either team.

Each team failed to reach 300 net yards on offense with neither providing much excitement. The Browns sacked Marcus Mariotta six times but also threw three picks (all to Kevin Byard). Tennessee lost a fumble and committed five penalties while Cleveland was flagged 12 times for 81 yards. Finally, each team COMBINED to go 8-for-30 on third downs.

I understand Browns fans are loyal, but at this point, you’ve got to find something better to do on a Sunday than waste away at the stadium watching that team. Ew.

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