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As Cool As Calvin 3/4


Some cool #30 facts for you.

The only president to be born on Independence Day.
First vice-president to attend cabinet meetings.
Elected to the presidency in 1924.
Presidential Salary: $75,000.
Inaugural Address first to be broadcast on radio.
Dedicated Mount Rushmore.
Authorized construction of Hoover Dam.
The first president to appear in a movie with sound – a talkie.
Signed the Radio Act into law in 1927.
Signed the Indian Citizenship Act, giving full U.S. citizen rights to all Native Americans.

The best #30 fact:

At a party, a woman once told Calvin that she bet a friend she could have him to say three words. He replied "You lose."

You may be a cool guy, but are you Calvin "Coolidge" Cool? Let the party know with our ‘As Cool As Calvin’ 3/4.

A stylish spin on the classic baseball raglan. The combed cotton blend makes it super soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

• ¾ sleeve raglan shirt
• Poly-cotton blend (50% polyester, 50% combed cotton)
• Ribbed neckband




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