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So, spring is soon approaching. How is this manly? I’ll tell you how. We have killed a bunch of pollinators. Pollinators are responsible for about three-fourths of everything we put in our mouth. But, we are coming up with replacements. Robobees would be used to augment our ability to assist good ole Mother Nature with feeding us all.

Thankfully, cutting edge institutes are leading the way in these research efforts for RoboBees. One such institute is the John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard along with the Wyss Institute. Finally, four years ago, these fine folks released a video that wowed the scientific community.


What’s being done?

More recently, the micro-robots being developed have become more advanced. Thankfully, these folks are working tirelessly to advance micro-robotics for us all, especially when it comes to pollinating our crops. Obviously, that’s the kind of dedication, mastery, and general getting-shit-done attitude we express here at Ming. The man leading the charge with micro-robots (and more specifically, RoboBees) is Dr. Robert Wood.

Listen to Dr. Wood explain the RoboBees:

Why do we need these tiny ass-kickers, you may ask? Well, without pollinators, the lazy female reproductive organs on other plants would never receive their packages. The stigma associated with angiosperm can be down-right terrible if the anthers never give up their pollen (Botany-English pun). But, seriously we would suffer greatly without flowering plants, which suffer greatly without pollinators. Check out a possible cause of the decline in bumble bee populations.

What can you do to help?

These links provide great advice.

US Fish & Wildlife Service

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services

USDA Forest Service

Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

Between Barry B Benson and friends, Optimus Prime Fun Size, and your know-how, spring is shaping up to be as beautiful as ever.

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