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savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

The pussification of society has taken its toll on men; some would say that it is spiraling out of control. The gentlemen of M.I.N.G. have taken on the responsibility of slowing and ultimately reversing this movement. If you are wondering what this “pussification” movement is, chances are you need saving, and you came to the right place, Carpenter Stormy has you covered.

Carpenter Stormy is here to save you


It has been my observation that most men form hobbies out of necessity.  Hunting originates from a need to provide food for your family, and the same goes for fishing.  Some friends of mine are avid rock climbing, which probably comes from a primal need to conquer something.  I learned to play golf because someone told me that business deals were made on the golf course.  I am not here to talk to you about feeding your family, conquering mountains, or golf, though.  My role is to discuss the world of the carpenter; tips, techniques, and its impact on me.


Carpenter tools
Tools of the trade

My woodworking hobby, or more specifically, furniture building came from necessity. Really, as a “FUCK YOU” to furniture companies.  Recently, I purchased some new furniture from one of the big “custom furniture outlets.”  I will admit, I was oblivious as to how good solid furniture was built, and definitely not able to identify it on sight.  One of my “well trained” canine companions decided to chew on the new furniture.  I can’t tell you how angry I was with this dog.  However, I was furious at what the chewing had unveiled. Our furniture was made of shitty MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with veneers.  The anger from this drove me to a new hobby.  I joined the woodworking community and began building my own furniture.  Looking back, the furniture company did me a favor.  They reminded me of the joy of building better shit for cheaper with my own two hands.

Life Lessons Learned

I will share tips, tricks, and techniques in future Articles.  I will bring a segment on a few different joints from simple lap joints, mortise tenon joints, variations of the dovetail and more.  First, I will share two life lessons that I learned through woodworking, and I trust that they will help you with your woodworking projects.


I know you have heard the term, “measure twice, cut once.”   This is talking about more than just your measure.  Gaps in joints, non-level, uneven, and unfinished.  These are words born of impatience.  With each project I saw those words; however, I learned that taking your time and picking the correct tool, joint, or method will save you a lot of headaches.  Have patience with woodworking, and you will find yourself doing other things in life the correct way as well.


With patience, we also need to be in touch with reality.  The term “we aren’t building the Taj Mahal” changed my approach to being a carpenter, and to a lot of other aspects in my life.  What does this term mean? How does this relate to being a man?  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t worry about every little detail.  It has been my experience that our female counterparts do enough of that for both of us. It is our responsibility to focus on the need.

Stay manly my friends,






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