Today is International Women’s Day, So Where is My Sammich?

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Today, the world is celebrating International Women’s Day.  Again, I’ll ask; where is my sammich and why is there not a woman making it?

The meat of the Sammich…

Let’s start with why there are not women making our sammiches.  Women do some cool shit too, that’s why.  They are busy building next to us.  They are playing next to us.  Women are doing everything men are, to a greater or lesser degree.  This trite “joke” of sandwich making, clothes cleaning, bare-foot and pregnant, one-dimensional personalities of supposed women should go away.  Or find a new way to present the joke so that it is funny again.

Here at MING Magazine, we are all about Deeds.  The day may be about women, but men have the chance to benefit from it, too. Man is busy.  Are you hungry?  If so, do it yourself.

So, here I am making a sammich. For myself. Because I am hungry and can take care of myself, I don’t have to worry about where my sammich is.  It’s in my hand, smelling great with some mustard. The perfect condiment.

While I enjoy this culinary marvel, I want to salute the women suffrage movement and the women who helped move the world forward.  I salute the ones who have picked up the baton and who have begun the marathon for their lifetime.  Enjoy your day, ladies.  I’ll be sure to enjoy the guy version, as well.

Our working theory

Rosie the Riviter, international women's dayNo matter who you are, you put out work 365 days a year.  At least you should, even if it’s minor.  Even if it doesn’t seem like much or you are moving in the direction of your goal.  If people are mad that you take a day for yourself, they can kick rocks.  We at M.I.N.G., while focused on Manliness, push self-sufficiency and betterment of the self above all else.  Let this reflect that women should be self-sufficient, equal in rights, and belong in the same workforce that men inhabit.  Women, show the men what you have.  M.I.N.G lifts you up and supports you!

Here’s to those who work hard and get it done.  And, here’s to an already equitable twenty-second century.  You can achieve your goals.

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