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Week 6 is in the books with another overreaction to debunk. We saw the last unbeaten go down in disappointing fashion, a rookie QB get his first win, and my MVP goes down. Still, that is no excuse for throwing in the towel and freaking out. Don’t worry; it’s all going to be ok.

Packers Are Screwed Without Rodgers

Yeah, this one hurts. I won’t sugarcoat it; it’s not going to be easy for Green Bay this year either. What made Aaron’s broken collarbone worse was that it was the game against a divisional opponent. His backup, Brett Hundley, performed pretty poorly too (three picks, ew). However, no need for overreaction!

No need for overreaction Packers fans
Cheer up, guys. At least you’re not the Lions.

Yes, Rodgers will be out for a couple of months. But Hundley has had three years to learn under Rodgers (like he did with some guy named Favre). Even the second-string guy, Joe Callahan, has a couple of years in the league. I know neither of those guys puts fear in the heart of a defense, but it’s experience that matters. They both have it.

Another full week to get Ty Montgomery and that offensive line healthy, plus a bye-week is coming up, that should provide some optimism. Not to mention, the Packers are 4-2 and tied for the NFC North lead. Rodgers has had this injury before and could be back by Week 14. If all goes well, Green Bay will still be in the playoffs.

Chiefs Should Just Give Up Now

Last week I fully announced my alliance with Kansas City and they promptly lost to Pittsburgh at home. Standard.

Andy Reid holding his face in a possible overreaction
How Andy Reid reacted when I put my support behind the Chiefs. #HeimallCurse

However, that loss is not one meant to “break up the band.” The Steelers have always had KC’s number, just look at last year in the regular season and the playoffs. Le’Veon Bell continued his dominance, rushing for 179 yards, while Antonio Brown made an insane catch for the deciding touchdown. Not to mention, Kareem Hunt was stopped for the first time all year…by the Steelers. Predominantly the best rushing defense franchise ever.

I’ve explained this multiple times. October is going to be a tough month for them. Pittsburgh at home, at the Raiders and a healthy Derek Carr on a short week, the surprising Broncos, and Dallas on the road. After this week, Denver and the Cowboys don’t look so scary. Still, I take the Chiefs.

The Jets Got Screwed…Again

This will be difficult for Gang Green fans to swallow. In fact, it may be difficult for NFL fans to swallow. Probably the biggest non-overreaction this season has been that nobody knows what a catch is anymore. But my least favorite overreaction EVER is when people go “that play/call/rule/etc. directly changed the outcome of the game”. Just stop it.

Yes, Austin Seferian-Jenkins caught the ball and, by all logic, had control when landing out of bounds after crossing the goal line. However, I also did see the ball move before reaching the pylon. While I didn’t see it was still moving when he went out of bounds, the officials did (apparently) and followed the letter of the rule. The Jets lost by seven, and now everyone thinks that call cost them the game. No.

Jets player in midair being tackled
Ball looks out to me…

First off, you can’t assume that New York even gets the game to overtime. That touchdown would have made it 24-21 with 14 minutes to play. Who is to say the Jets would have been able to get the field goal? More importantly, who is to say they would have beaten the Patriots in overtime? What I want everyone to understand is that New York blew a 14-0 second-quarter lead, Josh McCown struggled in the fourth against the 32nd-ranked pass defense in the league, and Tom Brady is still the G.O.A.T.

The loss will sting for a while for New York, but just be happy you were that close.

Trubisky for the Hall of Fame

I know it’s a tough time in Chicago. The Cubbies are going to struggle to repeat, the White Sox are irrelevant, and the Bulls have to start losing a lot of basketball games this week. So while the Bears did win this weekend, you guys need to calm down. Mitchell Trubisky is not the second-coming of Jim McMahon.

The kid threw for 113 yards, one touchdown, and only completed eight passes. This is one week after he had just 128 yards and a touchdown that was tipped by the defense and fortunately fell into Zach Miller’s arms. Oh, and by the way, Chicago allowed Baltimore to come back from being down 17-3 in the third quarter. If not for Jordan Howard’s 167 rushing yards, this would have been a terrible game for the Bears.

Trubisky kneeling
You can’t be good, let alone great, when you have a sub-50% completion percentage.

Lots of people were too excited despite the loss last week to Minnesota. There are even more losing their minds after a road overtime win. All of them need to have some Portillo’s and take a nap. When they wake up, turn on the TV and realize it’s a fantasy. At least for now.

Not-So-Crazy Overreaction: The Rams are Real

This might be the year that turns the NFL upside down. More teams with low expectations are overachieving. Or maybe they are that good. The Los Angeles Rams are the latter. Sitting at 4-2 and leading a lackluster NFC West, I’m in.

Now, I know they played the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Blake Bortles continued his effort in helping Colin Kaepernick prove collusion by being employed and terrible, but hear me out. Todd Gurley rushed for 116 yards, continuing to emerge as one of the top running backs in the game. Jared Goff, despite being sacked three times, found a way to manage the team to a win. Plus, the special teams scored twice, and when you can win that aspect of the game, you are extra dangerous.

Football fans cheering in the stands
Yeah, get excited L.A.! You got a legit football team. Side note: love those old unis

Los Angeles faces the Arizona Cardinals this week, at home, with a chance to put some distance between their only divisional threat. I’m not going to be surprised at all if the Rams make the playoffs this year, and for many years to come.

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