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savage gentleman quiz

Have a weekend fishing trip coming up? Don’t do it alone. If you would rather go into the woods all by yourself for a fishing trip, then you probably don’t have too many friends; or you listen to way too many Luke Bryan songs. The outdoors are best enjoyed with friends. It also happens to be safer than roughing it alone.

Make That Weekend Fishing Trip A Party

Lakeside sunset for a weekend fishing trip
What’s better than a weekend fishing trip with you and your friends, a fire, and a case of cold ones?

Grab a couple of best buddies and make it into a guys trip. Who doesn’t like a guys weekend fishing trip? That’s right; only your girlfriend doesn’t like a guys weekend. Get away from the girlfriend and go bond with the guys. Land those fish, make that fire, drink some beer, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Friends also make it easier to set up your fishing camp. Joe brings beer, Steve brings food, and Greg gets his lazy ass up and goes to grab wood for the fire. This will make for a happier camp and an overall better fishing experience.

campsite by a lake for a weekend fishing trip
With a lakeside 5 star tent, you and your woman could enjoy a secluded getaway catching lunkers.

Get Your Romance On

The outdoors is also an excellent way to spend time with your lady (or man, I don’t judge) person. You might need an air mattress to keep her more comfortable, but they do make sleeping bags that fit two for all you cuddlers out there. Make it a weekend getaway with your significant other. Show them how manly a Bud Light can look in the right hands and just enjoy the time away from social media and Orange is the New Black.


Make that fishing trip weekend a successful one. Planned and prepped is the best policy to make it a success, that includes harvesting some good fish. If you are going to forget anything, let it be the girlfriend. After all, Saturday’s are for the boys.




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