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savage gentleman quiz
savage gentleman quiz

Fibonacci was onto something. There is an inherent beauty in mathematics. At least for me, there is. Without it, we wouldn’t have some great amenities.

There are some fantastic, old-ass inventions that required mathematics without the aid of any TI or Watson. As a result, today there is mind-blowing mathematics at work!

Some of my favorites include:


Print of Archimedes using his lever to lift the world.
It would actually need to be over 9 million light years long.

No doubt today’s Mathematics look to bring us into the Twenty-Second Century, hopefully at an exponential rate.


So, without mathematics, we would all be cavelings.

Irrational, bipedal meat-sacks is a life we can look forward to without mathematics.  I for one am glad we live in a day and age where lasers, microwaves, air conditioners and heaters exist.  They exist because history’s yester-folk decided enough was enough.  Therefore these people found a problem, used numbers, and solved said problem.

If you have some time to kill and want the little men and women of your life to enjoy math, check out:


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