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In the age of all-intrusive politics and keyboard warriors, it is all too often that people push their opinions on others as though they are facts of life. You are instantly shamed if you disagree with their opinions, too. That shouldn’t be the case, but it is. To combat this intolerant society we have become, just do us all a favor and keep that shit to yourself. It’s an opinion that most likely no one else gives a shit about.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Image of a man with a mask holding a slingshot

Bottom line up front? Sure. Why do you need someone else to convert to your opinions? It reeks of the pointlessness that is a Coca-Cola or Pepsi commercial. The United States, and the world-at-large really, has reached a critical polarization point. A dangerous one at that, where it isn’t just that you must choose a side on every issue. You must choose a side and you must (at times) militantly push that side or you clearly are not a true believer in it.

Staying relevant to this article, look at what happened after the Black Lives Matter movement came to exist. “If you are white, you are the problem”, “You see the racists that are coming out of the closet by not posting about this [police brutality] [on Facebook]”, and “If you aren’t standing up to police brutality with us you are part of the problem.” are just three of many things heard or read constantly. People are entitled to live their own life and choose to not push an opinion.

Look at ANTIFA. They militantly fight ideas contrary to their own.  Their process isn’t even to spread their opinion, merely to attack people and property owned by people that believe contrarily. To them, if you are not a liberal (see Democratic National Convention) you are the problem.

Oh, is he talking about politics?

A puppeteer hand moving a wooden puppet with stringsSure am. Political polarization is the prime example of your opinion meaning the world…to nobody but you. There was a time when men were capable of sitting down, preferably with a whiskey, and have a conversation with both like and differing minded people.  MING advocated for a return to that time. The idea that you absolutely must be “with me or against me” has poisoned the minds of our men. MING Editor-in-Chief Dirty Red identifies himself as a “fence-runner” in politics and wants “nothing more than to live my life and let you live yours”.

Translation needed? Formulate your opinions about what is important in life. Live your life by your beliefs and moral code. When you come across someone who does not agree with you have a discussion or do not. More than anything don’t be a dick and force other’s to endure your condescending or hateful speeches. That advice applies to so much more than just your politics too.

Not all opinions are created equal

You’ll often hear people say that everyone is entitled to their opinion. While that’s true, it’s also true that stupid opinions should and will be ridiculed. If your opinion is that aliens from Kromulon 5 have hijacked the CEO of Burger King and are substituting a Kromulonian diet for an American diet to get us used to Kromulonian rule, your opinion is nonsense and you should be laughed at. If you have a hard opinion on a subject you know very little about, your opinion is absolutely not worth as much as the opinion of a subject matter expert.

Listen to the Dunning-Kruger effect while reading for an explanation as to why this is true. Your opinion on nearly everything probably sucks and you should accept that fact. By all means, have an opinion, but be willing to change it. If you can start out with the idea that your opinion is shit, you’ll learn a lot faster and be a better person. Opinions are not facts. Facts should always change your mind. If they don’t change your mind, you are literally insane. Don’t be insane.

Quite the big deal

Is it really that big of a deal? Recently, news broke that a famous personality killed herself after having her character attacked and blatant death wishes directed to her via social media. This personality was a pornographic actress that refused to perform with a man who had been in gay films. Her reasoning was her own but when it was announced, members of the LGBT community and others attacked her so aggressively that she ended up hanging herself. The opinions of this community were so forcefully and militantly pushed that a person who was at the peak of her profession killed herself.

Countless stories have surfaced of children and teenagers taking their lives for the same reason. Our children are becoming less “young and innocent” every year and they are learning our “this or that” system instead of learning freewill and creative imagination. So yes, it is quite the big deal for you to keep your mouth shut when you don’t have something relevant or wanted to say.

It really is simple

Scrabble letters arranged to spell out 'humanity'
No need to spell it out but here you go.

MING is all for First Amendment Rights, don’t ever confuse that issue. But, spitting vitriol for no productive reason is not a right, or even acceptable in any way. One of the MING partners was a part of that Facebook (Social Media at Large) Information Bubble. He would say; “I’m guilty of the intolerable behavior of Begging the Question ambush rhetoric. I am also aware of my guilt. I work on not doing that dumb shit. It’s counter-productive, not counter-intuitive. Now I try inclusivity”.

When working on a project, the boss will listen to opinions on the project that help the project achieve its goals faster, more cost-efficiently, etcetera. Now, here’s the part many don’t get; if your opinion on the matter (which can and should still be supported by facts) doesn’t help the project achieve its goals better, then your opinion on the matter isn’t really worth a damn. Point blank. With that in mind, some believe that humanity is our greatest project. If you aren’t helping, then shut up and move along. Simple as that. Now, be a man and show us how we are wrong if you disagree.





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