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One of the easily forgotten categories of class that men should know is the tie knot. More specifically, the understanding of when and where to use different knot types has become irrelevant to a lot of men. The importance of a properly tied knot can make all the difference in so many different scenarios.

    “But Sarge, it’s just a knot, it looks fine!”

The Importance of the Tie Knot

Fancy tie knot
fancy with a badass tie clip

Ask any private that has shown up half-cocked for a dress uniform inspection. The tie knot is one of the easiest things to get right, and the most common to get chewed up for. Firstly, the knot is an item that is capable of establishing power, authority, and even credibility. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a man with real authority rocking a Half-Windsor? Never, that’s when. Secondly, the knot show’s a level of class and sophistication. Look at the knot above. Try to tell me that knot doesn’t scream class (hint: It does). Finally, the knot shows others you have the patience to care for your own appearance. You can look lazy, pretentious, like a huge dick, or a little dick, all by having the wrong knot.

So what are these knots I speak of?

I am not going to take the time to teach you how to tie a knot. Mainly because I could spend all day at it and get nowhere. Instead, you will get a list and some very helpful links to videos that helped me.

First off are the knots you only wear if you have the tie on because it is mandatory.  These knots are to make the boss happy, not impress him.

The Half-Windsor Knot

Four-In-Hand Knot

Now for the knots that will impress the boss:

Full-Windsor Knot

Pratt Knot

What’s it all mean to you?

So I mentioned in the very beginning the when and where right? Well, that is the easy part. The Half-Windsor is a knot that is designed for speed. You are using this knot if you are required to wear a tie and there is no one around to impress. These are your cubicle workers and behind the scenes folks. The Four-in-Hand is really just a less lazy Half-Windsor. This is the knot that moves the Half into the more professional and interactive office space. It is acceptable to use this knot with just about any normal collar shirt and pants. The final two knots are where it is at. The Full-Windsor is THE power knot, worn to impress the boss and ladies alike. That shit looks good. The Pratt is the power knot for those times you are wearing a wide collar dress shirt. This will probably make you look pretentious if you aren’t somebody’s boss’s boss.

Final Note

I hope this was informative, and at least reintroduced the idea of dressing to succeed and knowing how to do so with a tie. Men, take the time to do it right and make it look good.

Stay Manly




  1. Double windsor is standard for this guy. Of course I threw my ties away to work behind the bar! Now I have to borrow one for the occasional court appearance LOL

    • Double Windsor is certainly the way for me. Every now and then I throw a Merovingian knot in the mix to really fancy it up.


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