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Ok, so I missed last week, but every other team gets a bye week, why shouldn’t the overreactions? Anyway, another Sunday has gone and another load of crazies to deal with. The cream is beginning to rise, and some teams will start to go away from these pieces, but understand that no one is immune to the overreaction bug. Let’s get back at it.

The Jaguars Are A Mature Team

I’ve seen the box scores, even watched some highlights, and heard just how impressive the Jacksonville Jaguars are. From their 10 sack performance in Week 1, to Leonard Fournette’s assault on the Rookie of the Year, I thought this would be a team poised to surprise people. And they have. But not in a good way.

It began last week with Jalen Ramsey getting “choked out” by A.J. Green after really starting the whole thing. But what Marqise Lee did on Sunday was flat out STUPID. With his team trailing by three and less than 90 seconds to play, Blake Bortles throws a deep ball his way that falls incomplete. However, a Chargers player comes flying in and so does a flag. Lee thinks he’s getting a penalty in his favor, so he dances in front of the defender and gets flagged for taunting. It resulted in a 15-yard penalty, and Blake Bortles threw a pick on the next play.

What. An. IDIOT.

Now, Jacksonville won the game in overtime (somehow), but Lee still made the dumbest mistake in the history of today’s NFL. You’re tied for first place in the division, and if you plan on making the playoffs, you need to grow the hell up.

Houston Should Call Colin KaepernickĀ 

Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy said this last week on the Sunday Night Football pre-game, and many outlets have run with it. Look, I agree that Kaepernick should have a job. If this was September. That’s what people don’t get in this kind of overreaction. No matter your stance on his stance and the resulting stances of others, here is the deal.

They didn’t want him in September; they shouldn’t want him now.

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played a legitimate NFL snap in TEN MONTHS! He didn’t attend OTA’s, didn’t visit training camp, hasn’t participated inĀ a practice, in TEN MONTHS! What about that makes him better than a QB who has been at least taking “competitive” snaps? Yes, Blake Bortles and Tom Savage are worse that Kaep when on the same playing field. But, if the Jags or Texans wanted him on their roster, he would have been at training camp.

And who knows, maybe he’s been training all summer and fall. Perhaps he’s studied every NFL playbook just in case, and he can start this week. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s not Brett Favre, and it’s too late in the season to try out a guy who has been on the couch for TEN MONTHS!

Atlanta is Back on Track

Following a brilliant dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys, the reigning NFC Champion Falcons looked like they got their mojo back, right? WRONG! Like I told you at the start of the season, Atlanta has a massive hangover (they may still be drunk) from the Super Bowl. It showed on Opening Day when they struggled to beat Chicago. It showed when they blew back-to-back halftime leads in Week 4 and Week 6. And then it certainly showed when they got stomped at New England.

Quick! Grab our playoff chances before they float away!

Make no mistake about it, the Falcons are not going to make the playoffs. Beating the Cowboys would have been nice if Ezekiel Elliott was playing. It also probably wouldn’t have happened. More importantly, the NFC South has two of the best teams in the league in the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints. Now, New Orleans might be back to their championship form, but that’s a debate for another day. All that matters now is that anyone who claims the Falcons will get back to the playoffs should be branded as Captain Overreaction.

Teddy Bridgewater Should Start for Minnesota

Look, I love nothing more than seeing Teddy Football back on the field this Sunday. The kid is so talented and having to miss an entire year with a dislocated knee, and torn ACL is so heartbreaking. Watching his emotions just for being back on the sideline was incredible. Unfortunately, he shouldn’t be anywhere except the sidelines. For now.

I love you, Teddy, but it’s best for the team if you just stay there on the sideline.

But, Case Keenum is playing very well right now, and the Vikings are leading the NFC North. Yup, that’s right, the Minnesota Vikings are atop the division with Case Keenum at the helm. Most impressive, Keenum hasn’t turned the ball over much either. I understand Bridgewater is athletic as hell and probably a better quarterback overall. However, you have to stay with the hot hand. That hot hand is Case Keenum.

You’re two games up on everyone else, and Aaron Rodgers is not coming back anytime soon. Leave Case in and have Teddy get back to game shape just if you need him.

Not-So-Crazy Overreaction: College Football is Better. And It’s Not Even Close

It’s no overreaction that the NFL’s ratings have been down this year. Attribute it to whatever you want, but understand that the play on the field is a definite factor. Each weekend, the most exciting and best games are played on Saturday.

Now I’m not saying that Alcorn State vs. Mississippi Valley State is better than Philadelphia vs. Washington, but give me a top-25 NCAA match-up all the time. Even when there are blowouts in college football, and there was a lot on Saturday, they are better than the closest games played on Sundays.

No overreaction, college football is better
The Heisman trophy winner and my favorite QB to watch at any level

For example, the “close” games like Jags/Chargers, Bucs/Jets, Steelers/Colts were just sloppy and bad to watch. However, a day earlier, blowouts like Miami/Notre Dame and Auburn/Georgia still had good football being played (on one side). Also, give me Baker Mayfield playing quarterback over Tom Brady (watching them, not actually playing. Not yet at least).

If you really want to enjoy your football watching experience, pop on the TV on Saturday and just be blissful. If you want to get frustrated or driven to do household chores, watch the NFL.

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